PHOTOS, VIDEO: First Official Footage of Epic Universe Construction Released by Universal Orlando Resort

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: First Official Footage of Epic Universe Construction Released by Universal Orlando Resort

UPDATE: Universal took down the video after this article was originally published on January 24, 2024. Our screenshots of the video and original article remain below.

Universal Orlando Resort has shared its first official footage from the Epic Universe construction site in a new Instagram video on the UOTMLife page. The video features various Universal Orlando Resort Team Members describing what “Epic” means to them before launching into a look at the new park under construction.

Epic Universe Construction Footage

Though this is the first official footage of the park, we’ve been watching Epic Universe construction progress thanks to aerial photographer bioreconstruct. But that just means we can identify most of the structures in the new footage.

Karen Irwin stands in front of construction for Epic Universe.
Image Source: UOTMLife on Instagram

Behind Karen Irwin, President & COO of Universal Orlando Resort, is the in-park hotel and a carousel attraction rumored to be named Constellation Carousel. The ride will be part of a space-themed land rumored to be named Celestial Park — the only non-IP land in Epic Universe. Celestial Park will also include a dual-racing coaster, which is visible in some of the video. Look for yellow and orange coaster tracks.

Crew members walk through construction of Super Nintendo World.
Image Source: UOTMLife on Instagram

This expansive view of a land appears to be Super Nintendo World before paneling was installed on some walls. This will be the third version of Super Nintendo World, following Universal Studios Japan and Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s also the only Epic Universe land that has been officially announced.

Two crew members stand on a balcony.
Image Source: UOTMLife on Instagram

This balcony may also be in Super Nintendo World, but it’s not as clear. It’s lit by the sun but it could be inside a building. Epic Universe will include several large indoor attractions, including a Ministry of Magic ride in the third Wizarding World of Harry Potter and a Frankenstein ride inside a manor in a Classic Monsters land.

A bird's-eye view of the Epic Universe in-park hotel earlier on in construction.
Image Source: UOTMLife on Instagram

This is a clearer view of the in-park hotel, much earlier on in the Epic Universe construction phase than it is currently, as there are only a few stories. The circle at the bottom of the screenshot is the base of a fountain, while the structure to the left is rumored to be a restaurant.

A top-down view of the Epic Universe carousel.
Image Source: UOTMLife on Instagram

Here’s an overhead view of the two dome frameworks for the carousel. Epic Universe will have several water features and the carousel will be on the edge of one. The water will fill the concrete space in the top right part of the screenshot.

A Team Member stands in front of a new Team Member costume.
Image Source: UOTMLife on Instagram

A Team Member also showed off this colorful diamond-patterned shirt. It’s not clear if this is a new Epic Universe Team Member costume but we don’t recognize it from anywhere else in Universal Orlando Resort. It’s white, red, blue, and orange.

The video also included clips of the new Universal Terra Luna and Stella Nova resorts which will be located near Epic Universe.

Epic Universe construction is still ongoing, with the park scheduled to open in the summer of 2025; very few official announcements have been made. The UOTMLife Instagram account has been mentioning Epic Universe a lot lately, including sharing the new street sign for Epic Boulevard. The Legacy Store is rumored to become an Epic Universe Preview Center, so we expect more announcements soon. As always, stay tuned for more updates!

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