Four Parks Merchandise Celebrates Walt Disney World with New Hoodies, Keychain, and More

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Four Parks Merchandise Celebrates Walt Disney World with New Hoodies, Keychain, and More

When you just can’t choose which park should be reflected on your Walt Disney World souvenirs, this new four parks merchandise is here to commemorate every park hopping moment of your vacation. We spotted the collection at Island Mercantile.

Grey Four Parks Zip Hoodie – $64.99

Four Parks Hoodie 5

This grey zip up hoodie has front pockets.

Four Parks Hoodie 4

Cinderella castle is on the front, with a small patch bearing the logo of Walt Disney World.

Four Parks Hoodie 3

The back of the hoodie shows the park icons for all of the Walt Disney World parks, with Cinderella Castle featuring prominently in the center.

Four Parks Hoodie 1

Beneath the printed park icons, “Walt Disney World” is embroidered in a complementing blue.

White Four Parks Zip Hoodie – $64.99

Four Parks Pink Hoodie 4

This hoodie also has Cinderella Castle on the front. The front pocket has a patch with the Walt Disney World logo stitched to it. The sleeve has “Walt Disney World” written on it in blue.

Four Parks Pink Hoodie 3

The Cinderella Castle on this hoodie is embroidered with fireworks overhead. The aglets on the string are blue.

Four Parks Pink Hoodie 1

The back of the hoodie has a full color Cinderella castle down one side. Behind the castle,the park icons for the other three park are printed in blue.

Four Parks Windbreaker – $69.99

Four Parks Windbreaker 5

This windbreaker has large front pockets with flaps as well as a zippered front pocket. The cuffs are elastic.

Four Parks Windbreaker 4

The windbreaker has contrasting blue zippers. Cinderella castle is printed in shades of blue with gold accents on the front breast zippered pocket.

Four Parks Windbreaker 2

The back of the windbreaker has “Walt Disney World” printed across the shoulders. Beneath that, the icons for each park are printed below the seam.

Four Parks Windbreaker 1

Four Parks T-Shirt – $34.99

Four Parks T Shirt 3

This shirt has all four icons printed on the front breast in shades of blue. The Walt Disney World D logo is stitched on the bottom hem of the shirt.

Four Parks T Shirt 1

The park icons are trimmed with gold.

Four Parks T Shirt 5

The back of the shirt has larger representations of the same art.

Four Parks T Shirt 4

Each of the four icons is printed in shades of blue, and all but the Tree of Life are trimmed in gold details. “Walt Disney World” is printed below the icons.

Four Parks Sweat Pants – $49.99

Four Parks Keychain – $14.99

Four Parks Spinner Keychain 8

This gold keychain features a spinning center cube with all of the park icons on it, with one per face.

Four Parks Spinner Keychain 7

Cinderella Castle is enameled pink.

Four Parks Spinner Keychain 6

Spaceship Earth is enameled in blue.

Four Parks Spinner Keychain 5

Tower of Terror is enameled in orange.

Four Parks Spinner Keychain 4

The tree of life is enameled in green.

Four Parks Spinner Keychain 1

The edge of the keychain is stamped with “Walt Disney World.”

Four Parks Beach Towel – $29.99

Four Parks Beach Towel 2

This beach towel features Cinderella Castle in full color, with park icons behind in blue.

Four Parks Beach Towel 3
Four Parks Beach Towel 1

The scene has fireworks over it and more park images in the background from locations around World Showcase.

Metal Ornament – $19.99

wdw ornaments 01.24 7160

We found two new Walt Disney World Park Icons ornaments in Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.

wdw ornaments 01.24 7161

This one is Mickey-shaped with a red border and Cinderella Castle in full color on the front. This design is similar to the new Walt Disney World park icons merchandise we’ve spotted recently.

wdw ornaments 01.24 7162

Fireworks and Tinker Bell are on the black ears.

wdw ornaments 01.24 7164

On the other side of the ornament are blue depictions of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Spaceship Earth, and the Tree of Life.

Globe Ornament – $34.99

wdw ornaments 01.24 7170

This ornament features small figures of the park icons inside a clear Mickey-shaped globe.

wdw ornaments 01.24 7171

The base is golden yellow with “Walt Disney World” in pink across the front.

wdw ornaments 01.24 7173

Fireworks and Tinker Bell are on the outside of the ears.

wdw ornaments 01.24 7180

Again, Cinderella Castle is in full color, while the other three park icons are just blue.

wdw ornaments 01.24 7181

It has gold hardware with a golden ribbon.

Will you be bringing home some of this new four parks merchandise on your next trip to Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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