New Projectors and Fountains Installed for Upcoming Nighttime Lagoon Show at Universal Studios Florida

Annie Wilson

New year, new lagoon show? Besides spotting divers in the lagoon and rumors of drones in the sky, there has been no official word on when we can expect to have a new nighttime show at Universal Studios Florida, but a major update has been spotted. New projectors and fountains are now being installed around the lagoon.

2 new projectors sit on a tall platform near the lagoon

Universal Studios Florida has not had a lagoon show since a hurricane damaged the old projectors and other equipment around the lagoon in 2022. The Ghoulish nighttime show for Halloween Horror Nights and the Cinematic Celebration were both permanently ended due to the damage. Since then, we have patiently watched and waited for signs of a new nighttime show. Some promising signs have appeared as work continues on the new nighttime show. New projectors have been added along the lagoon at Universal Studios Florida and fountains have been prepped for installation in the water.

A new projector sits on a platofmr in the lagoon, surrounded by scaffolding

The old projectors have been removed and the new ones are being installed. The projectors are usually disguised as themed crates and boxes to help them blend in to the surroundings, but we can see them clearly now. These appear to be bigger than the old projectors.

An old projector in an Epic Shipping and Cargo themed crate with scaffolding around it

Here’s a look at this same area a few days ago with the old projector when the work platforms were first set up. The old projector was smaller and covered in a themed crate with an “Epic Shipping & Cargo” stamp. There were several of these set up around the lagoon with the old projectors, but now they are getting an upgrade.

A close up of the new projector along the lagoon
the projector is in a gray weatherproof box with a large cooling system on the top

It took some time to get the new projectors, but these already look much better than the old ones.

UOR USF Lagoon Show Construction Update Projects 1 13 2024 11
One of the projectors is visible inside a gray weatherproof box.
Tape is on the lens of the new projector and a candle is hanging, not connected to anything

From what we can tell, the new projectors are not in use yet. Everything looks fresh and new. There appears to still be tape on the projector lens. The projectors on the platforms are pointed towards the buildings and the ones in the lagoon are pointed towards the water. Universal’s Cinematic Celebration show featured projections on the buildings and on water in the lagoon.

UOR USF Lagoon Show Construction Update Projects 1 13 2024 1

More of these new projectors have been installed around the lagoon.

UOR USF Lagoon Show Construction Update Projects 1 13 2024 9
A piece of the fountain with multiple nozzles sits on the work platform

There’s a lot more equipment set up on the work platforms out in the lagoon, including parts for new fountains. There are 6 large pieces, with 4 in the front and 2 in the back.

Pieces of the new fountains are sitting on work platforms in the lagoon
A large fountain part sits on a work platform above the water

Take a closer look at the work happening in the lagoon and more updates from around the park in the latest episode of What’s New at Universal Orlando.

Universal Orlando Resort has made no official announcements about a new nighttime show, but we anticipate something will open this year. Have you missed having a nighttime show at Universal Studios Florida? As always, stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today for more updates.

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