New Retro Disneyland Paris Merchandise Collection Arrives at EPCOT

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Disneyland Paris merchandise in EPCOT collage

New Retro Disneyland Paris Merchandise Collection Arrives at EPCOT

A new line of Disneyland Paris merchandise has arrived at EPCOT in Florida. The retro-style Disneyland Paris merchandise collection is available in the France Pavilion.

Disneyland Paris Merchandise

Disneyland Paris Pullover Hoodie – $54.99

Disneyland Paris red Mickey hoodie

This pullover hoodie is red with the Eiffel Tower, fireworks, and “Disneyland Paris” in white on the front. Mickey Mouse is also pictured in black. It has side pockets.

"Disneyland Paris" on red hoodie

“Disneyland” is in cursive lettering, while “Paris” is in a blocky white outline. The back of the hoodie is blank.

Fleece Poncho – $59.99

Disneyland Paris blue fleece poncho

This hoodie has an oversized poncho cut. It’s made of a soft fleece. There’s a large kangaroo pocket on the front.

"Disneyland Paris" on blue hoodie

“Disneyland Paris” is embroidered on the chest in the same typefaces as the first hoodie. But “Paris” is now filled with orange.

Mickey on fleece hooded poncho

Mickey is pictured on the back in full color, in front of a white Eiffel Tower. “Bonjour!” is in white above Mickey. Yellow lines and dots are bursting out from the tower.

Mickey hood on fleece poncho

The poncho has a hoodie with built-in Mickey Mouse ears.

Ball Cap – $29.99

Disneyland Paris ball cap

The ball cap is dark blue with “Disneyland Paris” in white and orange on the front. Next to it is Mickey, his red shorts looking more orange to match the lettering. There are light blue fireworks across the front panel and brim.

Castle on Disneyland Paris ball cap

The Disneyland Paris version of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant, is in a light blue outline on the other side of the words. Chip ‘n Dale are pictured dancing among the fireworks on the left side of the brim. Their light brown fur also has an orange tint to it.

If you didn’t know, you can tell the chipmunks apart by their noses. Chip has a small black “chocolate chip” nose, while Dale has a large red nose.

Mickey and "Disneyland Paris" on ball cap

“Disneyland Paris” is embroidered but the rest of the imagery is printed. There are two yellow dots on the castle where stained glass windows exist in real life.

The castle is also newly represented in the pavement outside the Main Street, U.S.A. train station at Disneyland Paris.

Back of Disneyland Paris ball cap

The hat has an orange velcro strap on the back. There is also an all-over pattern on the underside of the brim, which is lined in orange.

Patterned brim of ball cap

The pattern features Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip, and Dale. Around them is “Disneyland Paris” and structures including the Eiffel Tower and Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant. There are also fireworks and yellow window accents.

Youth Jacket – $49.99

Disneyland Paris youth jacket

This youth jacket has a dark blue torso and light blue sleeves. A flap covers the front zipper. “Disneyland Paris” is printed on the front in white and orange.

Back of Disneyland Paris youth jacket

It has a hood with built-in mouse ears. A zipper pouch on the back has a bag inside for packing the jacket up. On the outside of the pouch are Mickey & Friends enjoying Paris with the Eiffel Tower and other buildings behind them.

Pouch on youth jacket

The bag inside also has Mickey ears on it. “Disneyland Paris” is on the front with fireworks. It includes a small handle.

Mickey-shaped pouch on Disneyland Paris jacket

The bag makes it easy to fold the jacket up and put it in a backpack or tote bag.

Stitch Magnet – $12.99

Disneyland Paris Stitch magnet

This circular magnet features Stitch and three ugly ducklings in Paris. The city, including Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant, is behind them in teal against a blue background. “Disneyland Paris” is across the bottom.

Photo Frame Magnet – $14.99

Disneyland Paris photo frame magnet

The second magnet is also a photo frame. The frame is dark blue with the Eiffel Tower on one side and Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant on the other. Minnie, Chip, and Dale are in front of the tower while Mickey is in front of the castle. “Disneyland Paris” is across the top.

Will you be taking home any of this Disneyland Paris merchandise collection? Let us know in the comments.

Next door at the U.K. Pavilion of EPCOT is a new Minnie Mouse merchandise collection.

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