REVIEW: Say “Ooooh” for the Green Alien Macaron from Alien Pizza Planet at Disneyland Park

Brit Tuttle

As part of the seasonal food and beverage offerings at Disneyland Resort, a regular version of the Vampire Green Alien Macaron from the Halloween season has joined the menu at Alien Pizza Planet in Disneyland Park.

Green Alien Macaron – $7.99

filled with salted caramel buttercream, chocolate ganache, and brownie bits

A reporter holds the Green Alien Macaron in a plastic to-go box.

Alien Pizza Planet is known for the Green Alien macarons, which have been a thing since the restaurant opened. The Vampire Green Alien Macaron that they do for Halloween Time at Disneyland is amazing and one of our favorites. The regular macaron now emulates that treat.

It is listed on the menu as the “Alien Macarooooon,” because the Little Green Aliens go “Ooooooh” in the “Toy Story” films, but it should not be confused with an actual macaroon, which is a different type of pastry.

A reporter holds up the Green Alien Macaron in a plastic to-go box with the lid open. Behind the treat are window decals of the Little Green Aliens from "Toy Story."

This macaron is so sweet and rich. The salted caramel is intense and practically punches you in the face, but it is spectacular.

The Little Green Aliens were first shown in the original “Toy Story” film. The characters were prizes in a claw machine game at the Pizza Planet restaurant. Each one believes that the “Claw” will choose one of them to “go on to a better place,” according to the official “Toy Story” website. After they are saved, they remain loyal and “eternally grateful” to Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

A reporter holds up the Green Alien Macaron out of the packaging.

What amazes us is that so many Disney Parks do the cookie portion of macarons incorrectly, even Disneyland Paris. At Disneyland, with this macaron, it’s as it’s supposed to be. The cookies are light and fluffy, and they are perfectly crumbly.

A cross-section of the Green Alien Macaron.

Even the white chocolate eyes used as decoration are good. The brownie bits can be found in the middle of the cream inside. The rich chocolate against the salted caramel and cookie has us convinced that this is one of the best theme park snacks of all time.

We’d rate this a perfect 7 out of 7.

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Would you give this Green Alien Macaron a try? Let us know in the comments.

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