New Disney Eats Pizza Ear Headband, Loungefly, and Spirit Jersey Available at Walt Disney World

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Disney Eats Pizza collection at Walt Disney World

New Disney Eats Pizza Ear Headband, Loungefly, and Spirit Jersey Available at Walt Disney World

The Disney Eats Pizza collection is now available at Walt Disney World. This collection is the second in the monthly Disney Eats series, with the first collection featuring several Disney snacks. The Disney Eats Pizza collection launched at Disney Parks on Tuesday, February 13, and will be available on shopDisney on February 20.

Disney Eats Pizza Loungefly – $88

Front of Disney Eats Pizza Loungefly

The pleather mini backpack is an off-white color with a pizza slice-shaped front pocket. The backpack is patterned with more slices of pepperoni pizza. One pepperoni piece on each slice is Mickey-shaped.

Side of pizza Loungefly

The side slip pockets resemble large slices of pizza. The pleather around the zippers, the bottom of the bag, and the backpack straps are a bright shade of red-pink. Both the front pocket and main pocket zip up.

Back of pizza Loungefly

The pattern continues onto the back of the bag.

Pizza Loungefly interior lining

The same pizza slice pattern is on the inside, but against a red-pink background instead of an off-white background.

Disney Eats Pizza Ear Headband – $39.99

Disney Eats Pizza ear headband

The ear headband is also made of pleather. It’s mostly sparkly golden-yellow, representing the cheese on a pizza. The headband is lined with soft yellow velour.

Pizza ear

The ears have red embroidery and sequins creating pepperonis. There are also small gems representing other toppings. The edges of the ears are covered in solid yellow pleather resembling a pizza crust.

Pizza bow

The bow is double-layered. The top layer is sparkly golden-yellow with holes in it. The second layer is sparkly red and shows through the holes.

Pleather cheese

The bow’s golden layer appears to be dripping at the edges like melted cheese.

Back of ear headband

The backs of the ears are solid yellow like the crust.

Disney Eats plaque on headband

A blue Disney Eats plaque is sewn onto the right side of the headband.

Disney Eats Pizza Spirit Jersey – $79.99

Front of Disney Eats Pizza Spirit Jersey

The Spirit Jersey is bright yellow. The bottom half is covered in circular and Mickey-shaped pepperonis among a melted cheese pattern. On the left breast is the Walt Disney World logo with “Est. 1971.”

Back of Disney Eats Pizza Spirit Jersey

“Walt Disney World” is across the back, over a pizza slice with a Mickey-shaped pepperoni. The Walt Disney World logo and wordmark are red with white highlights.

Spirit Jersey tag

We found the whole collection in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom. The Loungefly backpack was also in Uptown Jewelers.

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