Honorary Ghoul nametag pin

NEW ‘Honorary’ Cast Member-Inspired Name Tag Pins Featuring Haunted Mansion & More at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

Disneyland Resort has a new collection of name tag pins inspired by the iconic Disney Cast Member nametags. We found them in various pin locations at Disneyland Resort, including World of Disney and the Emporium.

Cast Member nametag pins

The three pins are all ovals with stars around the edge. A symbol is near the top with the Disney Parks wordmark. In the center is an “Honorary” title and a quote is at the bottom.

New Disneyland Resort cast member nametag

For comparison, above is the new Disneyland Resort Cast Member name tag design. The pins are the same shape except lack the bump on top. The quote at the bottom of the pins is where “The Happiest Place on Earth” is located on the name tags.

Honorary Princess Name Tag Pin – $12.99

Honorary Princess nametag pin

This pin is pink with a white design. It reads “Honorary Princess” in the center and “A dream is a wish your heart makes” at the bottom. The lettering of the quote and “Princess” is a fantasy medieval typeface. Aurora’s tiara is the symbol on top.

Honorary Pirate Name Tag Pin – $12.99

Honorary Pirate nametag pin

This name tag is red with light brown lettering. A pirate skull and crossed swords are at the top. “Honorary Pirate” is in the center and “Dead men tell no tales” is at the bottom in the classic Pirates of the Caribbean typeface.

Honorary Ghoul Name Tag Pin – $12.99

Honorary Ghoul nametag pin

The last pin is black. “Honorary Ghoul” is in the center in white but the stars, symbol, and “Welcome Foolish Mortals” at the bottom are green. The bat-like symbol at the top is from above the Haunted Mansion entrance.

Haunted Mansion entrance

In this photo of The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World, can see the bat symbol in brown above the Lightning Lane entrance.

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