Seven NEW Disney Character Shoulder Plush Coming Soon

Shannen Ace

Mickey shoulder plush

Seven NEW Disney Character Shoulder Plush Coming Soon

Several new shoulder plush are coming soon to Tokyo Disney Resort. The Tokyo Disney Resort website lists new Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, and Squirt (“Finding Nemo”) shoulder plush available starting on March 21, 2024.

Mickey Shoulder Plush – ¥2,200

Mickey shoulder plush

Each plush appears to be lying on their stomach, with clips on their hands that can be attached to the shoulder of your shirt. They also have metal keychain tags.

The Mickey plush is approximately 20 centimeters long. He’s depicted in his classic red shorts, yellow shoes, and white gloves.

Minnie Shoulder Plush – ¥2,200

Minnie shoulder plush

Minnie is approximately 20 centimeters long. She wears her red and white polka-dot bow and matching dress, plus her yellow heels and white gloves.

Donald Shoulder Plush – ¥2,200

Donald shoulder plush

The Donald plush is about 18 centimeters long. He’s depicted in his blue and white sailor’s outfit with a red bowtie.

Daisy Shoulder Plush – ¥2,200

Daisy shoulder plush

The Daisy plush is approximately 18 centimeters long. Daisy wears a pink dress with white and purple trim, a purple bow, and pink shoes.

Goofy Shoulder Plush – ¥2,200

Goofy shoulder plush

The Goofy plush is about 21 centimeters long. He’s in his classic orange turtleneck, green hat, blue pants, and brown shoes.

Pluto Shoulder Plush – ¥2,200

Pluto shoulder plush

The Pluto plush is about 20 centimeters long. Pluto wears a red collar.

Squirt Shoulder Plush – ¥2,200

Squirt shoulder plush

Squirt is smaller than the other plush at about 15 centimeters long. He’s a young sea turtle with a brown patterned shell.

The new plush will be available at Toy Station in Tokyo Disneyland and the Emporio at Tokyo DisneySea.

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