New UNI VRS ‘Jurassic World’ Apparel Arrives at Universal Orlando Resort

Shannen Ace

A new line of “Jurassic World” apparel has arrived at the UNI VRS store in Universal Studios Florida. The store, which opened last summer, features special apparel collections inspired by various Universal properties.

UNI VRS Jurassic World Fleece Jacket – $125

A blue and cream Jurassic World fleece jacket hangs on a clothing rack.

First up is this cream-colored fleece zip-up jacket. It has blue pockets and details in a windbreaker material with white and orange accents. There are four pockets: two on the chest and two on the sides.

A close-up on the Jurassic World fleece jacket pocket.

On the right chest pocket is an orange patch that reads “Jurassic Park.” Below that is the “Jurassic World” logo.

A close-up of the map design on the jacket's sleeve.

Both sleeves have a map design. The ends of the sleeves are elasticated.

A close-up of the art on the back shoulders of the jacket.

A strip of blue windbreaker fabric across the back shoulders of the jacket has “Jurassic Park” and a T-Rex skeleton screen printed in white.

Raptor Running Club Sweatshirt – $80

A "Raptor Running Club" sweatshirt hangs on a clothing rack.

Another new arrival is this Raptor Running Club sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is tan with white, blue, orange, and black details.

A look at the white Jurassic World patch on the sleeve.

There is a white and black patch of the “Jurassic World” dinosaur logo on the right sleeve.

A close-up of the graphic on the sweatshirt.

The design on the front of the sweatshirt reads “Raptor Running Club” and depicts a group of people running from raptors.

Underneath the design, it says “Est. 65 Million BCE.”

Prehistoric Paradise Short-Sleeved T-Shirt – $40

A Prehistoric Paradise T-shirt hangs on a clothing rack.

This blue short-sleeved T-shirt says “Prehistoric Paradise” on the front. At the center of the shirt is the “Jurassic World” dinosaur logo with hidden items within, including a car, a woman running, foliage, and different dinosaur species. Beneath all of that, in a small font, it says “Protect & preserve dinosaur wildlife and its new habitat.”

T-Rex Long-Sleeved T-Shirt – $50

A long-sleeve Jurassic World shirt hangs on a clothing rack.

The long-sleeved T-shirt option has art on the front and back. On the front is an orange T-Rex with green teeth and eyes. White art of topography lines overlap behind it.

A closer look at the Dinosaur footprint design on the back of the shirt.

The back of the shirt is a “Dinosaur Tracks Pocket Guide,” with a chart of 11 different dinosaur tracks. Covering that is the silhouette of a Pteranodon.

Air Land Sea Pullover Hoodie – $80

A Jurassic World hoodie hangs on a clothing rack.

The final new apparel item is a blue hoodie with a simple “Jurassic World” icon on the left breast. The hoodie also sports a kangaroo pocket and a drawstring hood.

A closer look at the Raptor art on the hoodie.

On the back is a silhouette of a raptor covering “Jurassic World Air Land Sea.”

Which of the new UNI VRS “Jurassic World” items is your favorite? Will you be picking any of these up on your next visit to Universal Studios Florida? Let us know in the comments below.

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