PHOTOS: New Carpet Installation in Progress at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

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Red carpet on staircase and platform

PHOTOS: New Carpet Installation in Progress at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

While visiting Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, we spotted new carpet being installed in the Great Ceremonial House.

New Carpet in Great Ceremonial House

New carpet installed on a set of stairs in Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

Installation is still ongoing, but the new carpet can be found on the side of the Great Ceremonial House where Ohana is located, covering the stairs that lead to the second floor.

A landing between two flights of stairs, covered in the new carpet.

The carpet has been laid not only on both sets of stairs on this side, but also on the landing between the two.

A close-up of the new carpet pattern.

A close-up look at the new carpet shows an overall muted orange shade, with stripes of light tan in various sizes throughout.

A landing on the opposite side of the Great Ceremonial House, where the carpeting is still being replaced.

Over on the side of the lobby where Moana Mercantile is located, only the stairs have had their carpet replaced. The landing between the flights and the upstairs level still retain the former carpeting.

A close-up of the new carpet against the old carpet.

This photo shows the stark difference between the two carpet styles. The new carpet is on the bottom half, and the old carpet — a dark gray-brown with a light gray pattern — is at the top.

A photo of the makeshift storage area for carpeting supplies.

Underneath the stairs on this side, crews have temporarily stored their carpeting supplies, indicating that work is ongoing.

A look inside the storage area where carpeting materials are being kept.

You can see what looks like another roll of carpet and other various materials stored here. A half wall has been placed to discourage guests from being in this area.

What do you think of the new carpet refresh for the Great Ceremonial House at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort? Share your opinions with us in the comments.

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