Haunted Mansion construction at Disneyland

PHOTOS: Original Haunted Mansion Queue Completely Demolished at Disneyland

Toni Ferrigno

The Haunted Mansion queue at Disneyland Park has been completely demolished, as the attraction undergoes a major grounds expansion. Additional construction walls have been installed in the area, taking up way more real estate than the original walls.

Haunted Mansion Queue Demolished

Demolition in the Haunted Mansion queue at Disneyland

We spotted the beginnings of demolition in the extended queue area when the attraction was still open to guests in January. Now that it is entirely closed, the main queue area has been completely torn down. Several construction vehicles were in the former queue area during our most recent trip to Disneyland Park.

A single brick wall stands in the former Haunted Mansion queue

The queue area is almost entirely leveled to dirt, with just a red brick wall remaining. Because of the progress in the expansion, the construction walls have been extended and expanded out, now standing closer to the Rivers of America.

It’s worth noting that because of the additional walls, there is now just one walkway for guests to enter Critter Country — and thus, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge — from that side of the Rivers of America.

The backside of construction walls in the Haunted Mansion queue area

In the photo above, you can see that the construction walls reach Tiana’s Palace. Construction equipment appears to be staged inside the walls behind the restaurant.

Construction around the front porch of the Haunted Mansion

A Link-Belt excavator sits right in front of the Haunted Mansion’s entrance. The bricks on the mansion’s stairs have not been touched, but a pile of bricks can be seen directly in front of them.

Construction walls facing Rivers of America

Above, you can see just how far the walls extend out as the construction is being done.

The moved popcorn and churro carts

The churro and popcorn carts previously located here have been moved down to a small path that cuts off at the churro cart.

Another look at the moved popcorn and churro carts, as well as construction equipment behind the walls.

The construction wall nearest the churro cart features a gallery of original Haunted Mansion concept art. This is in addition to the lenticular Haunted Mansion art that can be found elsewhere on the construction walls.

Haunted Mansion Grounds Expansion

Concept art for the Haunted Mansion grounds expansion

First announced in August 2023, the Haunted Mansion grounds expansion will reimagine the queue area of the attraction, adding more immersion in the form of the mansion’s garden. There will be a new greenhouse, water fountain, and a gazebo. The previously featured horse-drawn funeral hearse and pet cemetery will return when the mansion reopens.

Also to be found upon reopening will be a new gift shop intended to be the mansion’s carriage house. The gift shop will be themed as being owned by Madame Leota.

Are you looking forward to experiencing this new version of the Haunted Mansion queue? Let us know in the comments below.

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