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RUMOR: Ghostbusters Returning to Universal Studios Florida for Summer Tribute Store

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Who you gonna call? Rumors say, “Ghostbusters,” which might return to Universal Studios Florida this year. Fans have already started to speculate how the Ghostbusters could make their return this year.

Ghostbusters Returning to Universal Studios Florida

Ghostbusters Ecto-1

According to CBS affiliate WDTV and Ghostbusters News, Morgantown, West Virginia resident Matt Plum recently sold a 1959 Cadillac (the same model as the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1) to Universal Studios. The car once stuck out of Fairmont, West Virginia’s 5 Star Auto Wash building. When the auto wash closed, Plum purchased the Cadillac.

Six months later, Plum posted the car for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Elliot Hansen, a representative for Universal Studios, was among the hundreds of people who contacted Plum about the car. Hansen told Plum that Universal wanted to turn the car into the Ecto-1 from the “Ghostbusters” films.

“Being a ‘Ghostbusters’ fan and being a ’59 Cadillac fan, you know I knew there would be significance there,” Plum told WDTV.

The car was in two pieces for display at 5 Star Auto Wash. The front portion has already been delivered to Universal Orlando Resort. Plum and his family will personally take the back half to the resort.

Ghostbusters Spooktacular cast

Universal purchasing the car has sparked rumors about the Ghostbusters returning to Universal Studios Florida. The Ghostbusters Spooktacular stage show ran at the park from 1990 to 1996. The Ghostbusters firehouse facade remains in the park’s New York section, with holiday decorations referencing the extinct show each year.

Another seasonal show titled “StreetBusters” opened in 1991, featuring the team trying to catch Beetlejuice. It ran until 1993. Extreme Ghostbusters: The Great Fight Way, also featuring Beetlejuice, ran from 2002 to 2005. The show ended when Universal did not renew its contract with Sony, which owns the franchise. The last Ghostbusters appearance at Universal Orlando Resort (and Universal Studios Hollywood) was a 2019 Halloween Horror Nights house.

2022 Summer Tribute Store

While it’s possible Universal is hoping to use the car for a new show, Halloween Horror Nights house, or other attraction, we think it will likely be displayed as part of the summer Tribute Store. While the original summer Tribute Store was dedicated to “Jurassic World,” coinciding with the opening of Jurassic World VelociCoaster, the store has since celebrated classic movie anniversaries. The 2022 summer Tribute Store included an “E.T.” room honoring the film’s 40th anniversary (it also had “Back to the Future” and “Jaws” rooms). The 2023 summer Tribute Store was dedicated to the making of “Jurassic Park” for its 30th anniversary.

The original “Ghostbusters” film will turn 40 this year. The Tribute Store could be completely dedicated to the flick, similar to the “Jurassic Park” store, or feature multiple classic films. The Cadillac already being split in half would make it easier to incorporate into the relatively small Tribute Store rooms or it could be displayed outside the store.

What do you think? How do you hope Ghostbusters returns to Universal Studios Florida?

Currently, the Tribute Store is Mardi Gras-themed.

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