Two Full Interactive Areas Closed for Refurbishment in Journey of Water Inspired by Moana

Brit Tuttle

Two Full Interactive Areas Closed for Refurbishment in Journey of Water Inspired by Moana

During our visit to EPCOT on Wednesday, February 21, we noticed that two of the interactive areas in Journey of Water Inspired by Moana are not operational, and one is blocked off for refurbishment.

The entrance sign for Journey of Water Inspired by Moana at EPCOT.

Water Curtains Blocked Off

The water curtains on the Wet Path side of Journey of Water, blocked off for refurbishment.

Upon entering the walk-through attraction, all interactive water features are functioning as normal until you come across the fork that takes guests through the wet path or dry path, marked by a pair of water curtains.

Construction boxes up blocking the water curtain path.

Here, you can see that the pathway beneath the curtains has been blocked off with large black boxes, preventing guests from passing through.

A close-up of the "Sorry! This water is not feeling playful right now" sign.

A temporary plaque has been installed over the normal one that reads,


This water is not feeling playful right now.

Please enjoy the rest of water’s magical journey!

A photo of the normal water curtains sign taking during the opening of the attraction.

Normally, this sign reads,

Water’s personality can be unpredictable.

If you move slowly, this waterfall might open for you!

Please do not run.

As seen in the image above, it appears that each of these signs is recessed into its frame, allowing for the temporary closure plaques to be added when necessary.

A photo of the opposite side of the water curtain path, blocked off to guests.

There are also black stanchions set up on either side of the water curtain path, further discouraging guests from attempting to enter. The dry path, shown on the left here, is still open.

Giant Interactive Wave Not Functioning at Journey of Water

A child and adult attempt to interact with the Ocean section of Journey of Water, which is non-functioning at this time.

The other non-functioning element is the largest one in the walk-through experience: the Ocean and its giant, normally interactive, wave. As seen here, a child is attempting to make the waves rise despite the signage once again saying that the water “is not feeling playful.”

The Ocean area still splashes water up from time to time.

While not interactive at this time, the giant wave feature is still functioning.

A close-up of the usual sign seen here when the effect is functional, taken from when Journey of Water first opened.

The signs here currently include the same message shown at the non-functioning water curtains, but normally say:

Water has almost completed its cycle.

Jump on the [splash symbol] to help send water back to the sky.

You may get a little wet!

No indication of scheduled refurbishment is listed on the official Walt Disney World website, but hopefully, this is just a temporary issue that can be resolved quickly.

Journey of Water Inspired by Moana opened to EPCOT guests on October 16, 2023, following weeks of Cast Member and Annual Passholder previews and soft openings. Check out our full photo tour, or watch our walkthrough video:

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