Construction Walls Moved During Morocco Pavilion Work in EPCOT

Shannen Ace

Morocco Pavilion scaffolding and scrim

Construction Walls Moved During Morocco Pavilion Work in EPCOT

Construction walls have shifted slightly during the courtyard construction at the Morocco Pavilion in EPCOT.

Morocco Pavilion Construction

A wide shot of construction walls in the Morocco Pavilion.

We reported a week ago on the new construction walls taking up much of the pavilion’s front courtyard.

Scrim covering an archway entrance in the pavilion.

Scaffolding and scrim cover the archway entrances into the rest of the pavilion. But construction walls have been pulled back from this area. They no longer run right up around the scaffolding.

A new pathway created by the construction walls.

There is now a pathway between the construction walls and scaffolding. Guests can enter the pavilion through the scaffolding or another doorway on the Tangierine Cafe side of the courtyard.

Construction walls outside Tangierine Cafe

For reference, the photo above shows what this area looked like when construction began:

Scrim covering more scaffolding in the pavilion.

On the other side of the pavilion’s main entrance, a small construction wall has been removed. More scaffolding and scrim jut into the space where it used to be. A rolling planter sits in front of this scaffolding.

A side view of the scrim and scaffolding, along with a rolling planter in place for construction.

Another rolling planter has replaced a construction wall on the other side of this pathway.

The pavilion’s regular dining and shopping options all remain open during construction.

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