REVIEW: Dahlia Lounge Overhauls Menu, Eliminates a Guest Favorite

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REVIEW: Dahlia Lounge Overhauls Menu, Eliminates a Guest Favorite

Dahlia Lounge, located atop the Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, has been offering Spanish-inspired bites and breathtaking views since opening in 2019.

Dahlia Lounge entrance Coronado Springs

From the lounge, you can get clear views of EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Blizzard Beach, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and much more, either from their large outdoor patio or through their panoramic windows. It draws inspiration from a collaboration between Walt Disney himself, and Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali on the short “Destino.”


Surrounded by dandelion chandeliers and other fanciful designs, guests can sip on sangria and share delightful tapas while they watch nighttime spectaculars at two parks or just soak in the atmosphere.

Dahlia Lounge Menu Changes

The menu has gone through several iterations since opening, and a new menu was introduced on March 28, 2024. But like so many other menus on property, the introduction of new dishes came with the unfortunate decision to get rid of some of the old, including what may have been my favorite quick bite on Walt Disney World property: the Ham and Cheese Bocadillo.

A reporter's hand holding a plate of Ham and Cheese Bocadillo

The simple, yet delicious sandwich featured jamon serrano, manchego cheese, roasted garlic aioli, and honey on a toasted baguette. The warm baguette was crispy on the outside, soft in the center, and was the perfect size to be shared by two.

The dish had become quite popular. According to multiple Cast Members, it was among the most popular items on the menu at Dahlia Lounge. We will mourn the loss and hope that our simple sandwich makes a swift return to the menu.

Dishes Leaving Dahlia Lounge

Other casualties of the shakeup include the Tortilla Espanola, Crispy Artichoke, Citrus-Poached Shrimp Cocktail, Artisanal Cheese, and changes to the Croquettes and Chicken Wings.

New to the menu are the Dahlia Sliders, Jamon Croquetas, Tapas Trio, Calamari, and Orange Flancocho. We tried everything on the menu, including some of the dishes remaining from the old menu. Our large group had some differing opinions, which will likely mimic the opinions of most large groups.

Side by side photo of old menu and new menu
On the left is the old Dahlia Lounge menu on March 26th, 2024. On the right is the new menu as of March 28th, 2024.

Spanish Charcuterie – $38

Featuring olives, fig jam, charred bread, and assorted meats and cheeses

Spanish charcuterie board sitting on a table at Dahlia Lounge

This dish is not new, though it has undergone minor changes over the years. However, it stirred diverse opinions among our group.

In general, the group found the spread irresistible and swiftly devoured the array of delectable meats, cheeses, fruits, olives, and almonds. We appreciated the harmony of flavors, particularly the delightful pairing of sweet crackers with the meats and the tantalizing kick of spicy olives.

However, it’s hard to get past the portion size relative to the $38 price tag. We were particularly disappointed with the scarcity of bread and crackers, and the portions, in general, are small compared to alternatives like the $27 charcuterie board at Wine Bar George. While delightful, we believe guests should consider the value versus superior (and cheaper) offerings on property.

Dahlia Sliders – $17

Beef with chorizo spice, black garlic aioli, house-pickled onions, and manchego on a brioche poppy seed bun with patatas bravas sauce

a plate with 3 Dahlia sliders sitting on a table

Opinions diverged among our group after sampling the Dahlia Sliders, a new addition to the menu. One member praised the juicy, medium-cooked patties nestled between fresh buns, accompanied by deliciously crispy fries. However, we couldn’t help but compare the taste of the patatas bravas sauce to the superior offering at Jaleo at Disney Springs. Perhaps it’s not fair to compare these to something out of the kitchen of celebrated celebrity chef José Andrés.

Another quick observation flagged the inclusion of pickles on the sliders, which is not mentioned on the menu. The strong pickle flavor overpowered the minimal presence of chorizo spice in the patty and perhaps uncovered the need for a stronger infusion of black garlic aioli. In general, these are a decent deal for $17, and we suspect they will be popular.

Chicken Wings – $15

Crispy chicken wings tossed in sweet-and-spicy honey-sherry glaze

a plate of 6 chicken wings sitting on a table

The chicken wings are not new to Dahlia Lounge in the strictest sense, but they have been changed for the new menu, if only a little bit. They have been modified to include a “sweet-and-spicy honey-sherry glaze” instead of the previous “spiced sherry-honey glaze”. Is this merely a semantic difference, or has the recipe changed? It’s hard to tell.

But when it came time to tasting the wings, we didn’t note much spiciness at all. The dish includes six wings for $15, each coated in a glaze that leans more towards sweetness than heat. The wings are extremely sticky, which reminded us of the wings at Kona Cafe at the Polynesian.

While they may not transport you to the streets of Spain, these wings promise a decent flavor profile that will definitely necessitate a post-indulgence hand wash.

Shrimp Pil Pil – $16.50

Aji amarillo, garlic and albarino

a bowl of shrimp pil pil with bread on the side, resting on a wooden serving tray

This dish is not new to the menu at Dahlia Lounge, but it’s always a crowd-pleaser. It received high praise from our group for its impeccable execution and delightful flavors. In particular, we thought the shrimp was perfectly cooked, boasting plumpness and tenderness with each bite.

However, it’s the sauce that steals the spotlight, described as light, tangy, and imbued with a delightful Spanish flair. While not overly sweet, the sauce offers a nuanced balance of vinegar notes and a subtle spice that enhances the dish without overpowering the palate. Perhaps each bite wasn’t uniform, as one of our group thought it lacked flavor.

Overall, this dish is a must-try for those seeking a taste of Spanish cuisine with a touch of culinary finesse.

Jamón Croquetas – $13

Jamón, sweet pepper, and carrot romesco sauce

3 jamon croquetas on a white plate

Our group universally loved these delectable treats for their crispy exterior that gives way to a soft, flavorful filling bursting with goodness. We appreciate the comfort food appeal, perfect for sharing between one or two individuals.

While we would like to see the portion size increased, these croquetas were unanimously enjoyed for their irresistible taste and texture, making them a definite reorder item, and a welcome addition to the menu.

Smoked Paprika Chips – $9

with a plant-based chimichurri aioli

Smoked paprika chips with an aioli dip served on a metal tray

We found the Paprika Chips to be a satisfying and budget-friendly option on the tapas menu. With a crispiness that hits the spot, these chips offer a delightful punch of paprika flavor, perfect for those seeking a quick bite or a late-night snack. While some appreciate the plant-based chimichurri aioli for its decent flavor, others note a discernible difference in creaminess compared to traditional sauces.

However, for diners seeking vegan fare, this option provides a welcomed alternative. Ultimately, these chips evoke a reminiscent feel of classic bar snacks, making them a suitable choice for various palates and dietary preferences.

Calamari – $16

Crispy calamari, sweet pepper confit, and roasted garlic aioli

Plate with calamari and a dipping sauce on a table

The Calamari elicited mixed reviews from our group. While some found it to be a decent option for those with milder palates, others expressed disappointment in its overall blandness. Despite its crispy texture, the calamari lacked significant seasoning, leaving us underwhelmed. The roasted garlic aioli failed to elevate the flavor profile as expected, contributing to an overall lackluster dish.

Overall, the universal consensus was a desire for a more robust flavor to enhance this otherwise basic dish.

Tapas Trio – $18

Octopus ceviche, ‘Aceitunas’ marinated olives, and tomato spread served with grilled bread

Tapas trio dips on a serving board

The Tapas Trio garnered enthusiastic praise from some of our diners, or at least portions of the dish did. For a new, and fairly aspirational dish, we felt it delivered. It stood out as a favorite dish for one of our group who thought it offered exceptional value with three bowls plus bread for $18. The octopus particularly impressed us, and our group hailed it as some of the best we have had.

However, opinions varied on the accompanying elements: while the olives met expectations, they didn’t stand out; the tomato spread, while good, fell short compared to similar offerings elsewhere. Additionally, the bread appeared to be the same bread used for the aforementioned Ham and Cheese Bocadillo, reminding us of what we gave up to get this new menu.

Orange Flancocho – $ 11

Cream cheese flan, orange cake, whipped cream, and Cardenal Mendoza macerated oranges

Orange flancocho in a serving dish with garnish

This new dessert at Dahlia Lounge left us thoroughly impressed and craving more. Described as light, creamy, and bursting with delightful orange flavors, it struck a perfect balance without overwhelming the palate. Many of us deemed it a standout, praising its velvety texture and just-right sweetness as a delightful conclusion to our meal.

For some, it was the highlight of the evening, leaving a lasting impression of its irresistibly delicious taste. In succinct terms, one diner exclaimed his satisfaction with words I won’t repeat in this review, but suffice it to say, it captured the sheer delight and satisfaction this dessert brought to the table.

Warm Churros – $9.50

with spiced chocolate sauce

Warm churros with a dipping cup of chocolate sauce

The Warm Churros, which are not new, elicited overwhelmingly positive reviews from the group. Described as extremely warm and fresh, these churros surpassed expectations, hailed as the best within Walt Disney World.

With a taste that feels authentic and reminiscent of Spanish delights, they exude freshness and authenticity unmatched by typical theme park fare. The accompanying dark, rich chocolate sauce elevated the experience, with some likening it to a shot-worthy indulgence.

Closing Thoughts on the New Menu at Dahlia Lounge

Change is inevitable and often uncomfortable. While the loss of the Bocadillo is cause for some head-scratching, we have to applaud the culinary team for taking a few risks, even if a few of them fell short.

In general, Dahlia Lounge remains an outstanding spot at Walt Disney World to unwind with sangria and share some bites with friends and family. We will be going back, but we might be hoping to see some old familiar friends return to the menu in the future.

Check out our video review below:

You can also watch one of our previous visits to Dahlia Lounge on an episode of WDW After Five from 2023:

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