Disney Lorcana Comprehensive Rules Finally Released

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Disney Lorcana Comprehensive Rules Finally Released

Ravensburger has finally released the full comprehensive rules for Disney Lorcana.

Disney Lorcana Comprehensive Rules

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The comprehensive rules cover more gameplay details than the simple quickstart rules previously released and included with Disney Lorcana decks.

The rules are a “living document” so will be changed and updated as new sets are released. Visit the Disney Lorcana Resources Page for the most up-to-date version.

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The current version of the rules is 31 pages, with sections dedicated to “concepts,” building a deck, gameplay, turn structure, cards, card types, abilities, zones, and keywords.

A notable point is that a deck “can’t contain any banned cards,” indicating there could be banned cards in the future. In trading card games, cards may be banned from tournaments if they are found to be too overpowered or unbalanced.

There has been speculation that players will eventually be able to play a card during an opponent’s turn. A new rule states “no player may play a card on an opponent’s turn,” implying such a card or ability may not be in the works. But the rules could also be updated later to allow for this.

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Three Disney Lorcana sets or “chapters” have been released, with Locations introduced in Chapter 3: Into the Inklands. Locations are covered in the comprehensive rules, so Ravensburger was likely waiting until they entered play to release the rules.

The fourth Disney Lorcana set will be called “Ursula’s Return” and include “Encanto” cards. It will be released at game stores and Disney Parks on May 17, 2024, before becoming available on mass retailers and DisneyStore.com on May 31.

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