Full List of Limited-Time Donald’s Quacky Duck City Food & Beverage Items Coming to Tokyo Disneyland

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pulled pork sandwich

Full List of Limited-Time Donald’s Quacky Duck City Food & Beverage Items Coming to Tokyo Disneyland

Donald Duck will take over Tokyo Disneyland with the second Pal-Palooza event, Donald’s Quacky Duck City, beginning on April 9. Tokyo Disneyland has announced all of the limited-time food, beverages, and souvenirs that will be available during the event, which ends on June 30.

Special Spaghetti Set – ¥2,600

spaghetti set for Donald's Quacky Duck City.

One of these special sets at East Side Cafe in World Bazaar includes the main dish of your choice (spaghetti, hot sandwich, or grilled beef). One version of the spaghetti dish is made with prosciutto and mussels in cream sauce.

spaghetti bolognese set

The other spaghetti dish is mushroom and pancetta bolognese with mascarpone. The spaghetti dishes both come with corn sformato with walnuts and a seafood and grain salad.

Special Hot Sandwich Set – ¥2,800

hot sandwich set

The sandwich comes with salad and paprika tomato sauce.

Special Grilled Beef Set – ¥3,800

grilled beef set

The grilled beef comes with bread, truffle mashed potatoes, and paprika tomato sauce.

140g Sirloin Steak Plate – ¥2,980

210g Sirloin Steak Plate – ¥3,680

Donald Duck sirloin steak meal

Center Street Coffee House has a sirloin steak meal available with two different-sized steak options. Both versions of the dish come with Japanese almond and fruit sauce, butter rice, mashed potatoes, and eggplant gratin. The rice is topped with a Donald decoration.

Special Dessert Set – ¥1,980

Donald Duck special dessert set

Also at Center Street Coffee House is this dessert plate, which will be available from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. daily. The plate includes mango and passion fruit cake, mango and pineapple tart, mango and blue jelly verrine, and an iced cafe mocha with crushed coffee jelly.

Cheese Whip & Mango Sundae – ¥780

Donald Duck sundae

This cheese whip and mango sundae, topped with a pair of Donald’s feet, is available at Ice Cream Cone in World Bazaar.

Duck Dive Pasta Set – ¥2,040

Duck Dive Pasta Set

This set includes fettuccine carbonara with a beef sauce. An egg topped with cheese slices shaped like Donald’s feet makes it look like Donald is diving into the pasta. There’s also some blue cheese on top.

The dish comes with a dessert of cheese mousse with pineapple jam. The meal includes the soft drink of your choice. It’s available at Plaza Pavilion Restaurant.

Donald’s Quacky Classic Set – ¥2,140

Donald's Quacky Classic Set

Also at Plaza Pavilion Set is this dish including a pastrami grilled cheese sandwich, salad, fries, corn chowder, bone sausage, salmon and shrimp tart, and your choice of soft drink.

Donald’s Quacky Duck City Placemat

Chef Donald placemat

With the purchase of the Duck Dive Pasta Set or Donald’s Quacky Classic Set, guests will also receive a Chef Donald placemat.

Tropical Fruit & Orange Sparkling Jelly Drink with souvenir coaster – ¥1,000

Donald coaster and sparkling jelly drink

This sparkling jelly drink is inspired by Donald with white foam and yellow syrup. It includes one of three souvenir coasters. The first is blue and features Donald holding trophies with a medal and crown.

Donald coasters

The second design is pink featuring Donald celebrating with Mickey and Minnie. The third design is yellow and reads “Super Duck” over an image of Donald and Daisy. The coasters will be available with the drink at Plaza Pavilion Restaurant.

Special Set – ¥1,330

pulled pork sandwich

The special set at Sweetheart Cafe includes a pulled pork sandwich topped with corn, cheese, mustard, black pepper, and yellow bread inspired by Donald. It also includes grape jelly and yogurt mousse and your choice of soft drink.

Special Set – ¥1,500

yuzu noodles

Camp Woodchuck Kitchen has a special set of chilled noodles with yuzu soup. The toppings are spring rolls, shrimp, and an egg with cheese slices representing Donald. French fries and a soft drink are included.

Special Set – ¥2,040

omelet rice meal

Grandma Sara’s Kitchen has a special set of omelet rice, hamburger steak, and an egg with cheese feet. The included dessert is mango-flavored Mont Blanc. It also includes a soft drink.

Mango & Lemon Sparkling Drink – ¥700

mango and lemon sparkling drink

Another sparkling drink is at The Gazebo. It contains diced mango and lemon wedges.

Donald Duck’s Harmony Frosty – ¥700

Donald Duck's Harmony Frosty

This frosty from Toontone Treats combines pineapple, yogurt, and ramune flavors for a balance of sweet and sour.

Souvenir Lunch Case – ¥1,200

Donad's Quacky Duck City souvenir lunch case

The souvenir lunch case is available with the purchase of a meal at Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe. It’s blue with two handles and a zip pocket. On one side is Donald accepting all his accolades with fireworks around him.

back of souvenir lunch case

On the other side is a comic of Mickey, Daisy, and Minnie celebrating Donald, as well as Cinderella Castle. Chip ‘n’ Dale are pictured next to the Donald’s Quacky Duck City logo.

Souvenir Coaster – ¥600

Donald's Quacky Duck City souvenir coaster

This souvenir coaster is available with the purchase of a drink at Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe. It’s yellow with a picture of Donald with trophies, a medal, and a crown in the center.

Passionfruit Pineapple Jelly & Vanilla Mousse – ¥550

Passionfruit pineapple jelly and vanilla mousse

This treat is passionfruit and pineapple jelly and vanilla mousse topped with fruit sauce. It’s available at Sweetheart Cafe.

Souvenir Mug – ¥550

Donald's Quacky Duck City souvenir mug

The souvenir mug can be added to the jelly-mousse treat. It features comic panels of Donald and his friends.

Donald's Quacky Duck City souvenir mug

Here’s a look at the jelly-mousse treat inside the souvenir mug.

Cheesecake – ¥550


Also at Sweetheart Cafe is this sweet cheesecake with lemon sauce and lemon-flavored chocolate sauce. It’s accented with a yellow cookie shaped like Donald’s foot.

Souvenir Plate – ¥550

Donald's Quacky Duck City souvenir plate

The plate can be added to the purchase of a cheesecake. It’s blue with an image of Donald holding his trophies.

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