Grizzly Peak camper churro cart

New Camper-Style Churro Cart Replaces Old Grizzly Peak Cart in Disney California Adventure

Shannen Ace

Grizzly Peak in Disney California Adventure has a new churro cart designed to look like a camper van. It’s parked outside Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, where the old churro cart was also located.

New Grizzly Peak Churro Cart

Guests at Grizzly Peak camper churro cart

The new cart is green and tan with a red counter. The awning is mostly green with red and light blue stripes. It has a red umbrella at the back for Cast Members.

Grizzly Peak camper churro cart

The window facing the front has fake flat yellow curtains and a flat prop watering can full of flowers. Faux tires are attached to the sides of the camper. It also has metal detailing and red lights on the sides.

"Cinammon" and tire on churro cart

“Cinnamon” is in silver lettering above the tire, as though that’s the brand name of the camper.

Old Grizzly Peak churro cart

Above is a photo of the old churro cart. It was yellow and less themed to the land. The red umbrella is the same style.

Grizzly Falls Churro sign

A sign resembling a painted plank of wood is in the window of the new camper. It reads “Grizzly Falls Churros.”

Back of churro cart

On the back of the cart is a yellow California license plate.

CHURRO license plate

The plate number is “CHU RRO.” It has the number 56 in the top corner.

churro cart menu

Here’s the current menu:

  • Churro – $5.59
  • Coca-Cola Bottled Beverages – $5.25
  • DASANI Water – $4.75
  • vitamin water – $5.25
  • Monster Energy – $6
neapolitan churro sign

The Neapolitan Churro is also currently available. This snack is a churro rolled in strawberry sugar, topped with whipped cream, and drizzled with chocolate icing.

How do you feel about the new camper van churro cart? Let us know in the comments.

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