New Chip ‘n’ Dale Birthday Collection Coming Soon to Disney Store Japan

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Chip 'n' Dale dinosaur plush

New Chip ‘n’ Dale Birthday Collection Coming Soon to Disney Store Japan

Disney Store Japan has shared a preview of a new Chip ‘n’ Dale birthday collection coming soon. The duo debuted in “Private Pluto” on April 2, 1943. The collection features them in dinosaur outfits.

Chip ‘n’ Dale Dinosaur Birthday Merchandise

A group of Chip 'n Dale dinosaur plush sitting on a green rug

The collection will be available online on Tuesday, March 12. It will be released at Disney Flagship Tokyo on Friday, March 15.

Chip & Dale Stationery Set – 950¥

A product photo of the Chip 'n Dale stationery set.

This set includes a stand, two sticky note pads, and three memo pads. The stand has space for the pads, as well as a slot for pens.

A product photo of the stationery set folded up, which makes a cube.

The stand folds into a cube, with different Chip ‘n’ Dale artwork on each side. They’re pictured in a bowl of popcorn, bundled up in sleeping bags, and having a picnic.

Another side of the folded up stationery set.

Artwork repeating on most of this merchandise is Chip in a blue dinosaur onesie and Dale in a green dinosaur onesie with their hands behind their backs.

A close-up of Chip 'n Dale sticky notes in the stationery set

This artwork is on the stand and one of the memo pads.

A close-up of a pen holder and more sticky notes in the stationery set

One of the sticky note sets features art of the chipmunks cleaning. They’re pictured sleeping on the other sticky notes.

Chip & Dale Water Bottle – 2,800¥

A sparkly Chip 'n Dale water bottle, featuring the chipmunks dressed as dinosaurs.

This water bottle has pink and yellow sparkles behind the artwork of Chip and Dale in their dinosaur onesies. “Chip & Dale” is printed below them in gray lettering.

A close-up of the chipmunks dressed as dinosaurs.

There are also gray stars all over the bottle. It’s transparent, with the sparkles between two layers.

A photo of the water bottle with its light green lid off.

It has a green twist-off lid with a removable gasket. It can hold 350 millileters.

Chip & Dale Pass Case – 950¥

A product photo of a pass case featuring Chip 'n Dale dressed as dinosaurs.

The front of this pass case is glossy with the artwork of Chip and Dale as dinosaurs. It comes attached to a teal green coiled elastic cord.

The back of the pass case, showing the clear window where a pass can be scanned or an ID can be seen.

There’s a transparent pocket on the back to put a pass.

Dale Urupocha-chan Plush – 1,400¥

A fuzzy plush of Dale dressed as a green dinosaur.

This plush and the Chip one below are part of the Urupocha-chan series from Disney Store Japan. These plush are extra soft and round.

Dale wears a green hooded dinosaur onesie with a white puffball at the neck.

A side view of a Dale plush dressed as a dinosaur.

White spikes run down the spine from the top of Dale’s head to the tip of the tail. The hood can be pushed down.

These plush are about 12 centimeters by 8.5 centimeters.

Chip Urupocha-chan Plush – 1,400¥

A fuzzy Chip plush dressed as a blue dinosaur.

Chip wears a matching light blue onesie with the same white accents.

A side view of the Chip plush dressed as a blue dinosaur

You can tell Chip and Dale apart by their noses. Chip has a small black “chocolate chip” nose while Dale has a larger red nose.

Chip & Dale Smartphone Strap – 1,800¥

A light green smartphone strap, featuring a flat charm of Chip 'n Dale dressed as dinosaurs.

This is a teal-colored shoulder strap. It has a white clasp in the center of the strap. A silver star-shaped charm is in the middle. And a lobster claw clip attaches to the Chip and Dale charm, featuring the dinosaur artwork.

A photo demonstrating how the smartphone strap works.

The flat charm goes inside your phone case, with a slim piece sticking through the opening for the charging port.

Chip & Dale Flat Pouch – 2,400¥

A sparkly clear zippered pouch featuring art of Chip 'n Dale dressed as dinosaurs.

One side of this pouch is clear with shiny confetti that moves around. Chip and Dale are pictured in their dinosaur onesies with their names above them.

The back of the zippered pouch, which has a repeating pattern of Chip 'n Dale in their costumes alongside light tan stars.

The other side has a pattern of the chipmunks and stars against a solid gray background.

A look at the inside of the zippered pouch, which is a light blue color. The zipper pull is star-shaped.

The inside is light blue. It has a star-shaped zipper pull.

Chip & Dale Secret Keychain – 700¥

A lineup of eight acrylic charms featuring Chip 'n Dale in a variety of situations.

One mystery box contains one of these eight acrylic Chip and Dale charms. The designs are:

  • Chip and Dale eating cupcakes and holding mugs
  • Chip and Dale in dinosaur pajamas
  • Chip and Dale having a picnic
  • Chip and Dale in peanut sleeping bags
  • Chip and Dale with pancakes
  • Chip and Dale in a popcorn box
  • Chip and Dale cleaning
  • Chip and Dale reading
A product photo of the secret acrylic keychain box and keychain.

Here’s a look at the mystery box that each charm comes in.

Chip & Dale Shopping Bag – 1,100¥

A product photo of a foldable tote featuring Chip 'n Dale in their dinosaur costumes.

This shopping bag can be folded up to easily carry in a purse. One side is white with the dinosaur Chip and Dale artwork. It has teal handles.

The back of the foldable tote, which includes the same repeating pattern of Chip 'n Dale.

The other side is teal with a pattern of the dinosaur chipmunks.

A look inside the tote, where you can see the pocket that the bag can be folded into.

There’s a small pocket inside the main pocket, which is what it can be folded up into.

A look at the opposite side of the storage pocket, featuring Dale as a green dinosaur.

When folded up, one side of the pocket features Chip and the other side features Dale.

Chip & Dale Drawstring Pouch – 1,200¥

A drawstring pouch which features Chip 'n Dale on either side.

These small drawstring pouches also feature Chip on one side and Dale on the other side. The strings are white.

The inside of the drawstring pouch.

The inside of the pouch isn’t lined, allowing for the exterior design to show through.

Chip & Dale Mini Towel – 700¥

A mini towel featuring Chip 'n Dale, surrounded by light green stars.

The dinosaur artwork is in the center of this small cotton towel. A green background is patterned with white stars. The top and bottom edges are striped blue and green. A yellow star in the right corner reads “Chip & Dale.”

Dale stuffed toy key chain – 2,200¥

A stuffed toy keychain of Dale dressed as a green dinosaur.

This plush keychain depicts Dale in his green dinosaur onesie. Like the Urupocha-chan plush, a white puffball is at his neck and spikes run down the back.

The back of the Dale stuffed plush keychain.

The plush is attached to a goldtone keyring with a lobster claw clip.

The Dale keychain without his dinosaur hood on.

The hood also comes down from this plush, revealing Dale’s small pointed ears.

Chip Stuffed Keychain – 2,200¥

A stuffed plush keychain of Chip wearing a blue dinosaur costume.

The Chip plush keychain has a similar design.

The back of the Chip keychain.

These keychains and the large plush (below) are turned inward slightly, so they can almost face each other when placed side by side.

Dale Stuffed Animal – 3,000¥

A larger plush of Dale dressed as a green dinosaur.

The large plush are more turned, with their faces looking forward.

Chip Stuffed Animal – 3,000¥

A large plush of Chip dressed as a blue dinosaur.

The chipmunks have a slight pink blush on their fuzzy white cheeks.

A side view of the Chip blue dinosaur plush

Are you hoping to purchase any of this Chip ‘n’ Dale merchandise? Let us know in the comments.

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