New Disney Eats and Stitch Macaron Merchandise Collections Arrive at Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World macaron merchandise

New Disney Eats and Stitch Macaron Merchandise Collections Arrive at Walt Disney World

The March collections of Disney Eats and Stitch Attacks Snacks feature colorful macarons. We found the new items in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Stitch Attacks Snacks and Disney Eats Macarons collections

The new items are located alongside previous Disney Eats collections. We also found the macaron merchandise in Big Top Souvenirs.

Disney Eats Macarons

Starbucks Tumbler – $29.99

Walt Disney World macarons tumbler

The Starbucks tumbler is orange, yellow, and blue with thin pink stripes separating the large blocks of colors. “Walt Disney World” is printed on one side in bright blue, yellow, pink, and orange lettering. A trio of Mickey-shaped macarons are below the “D” logo.

Starbucks logo on tumbler

The Starbucks logo is embossed on the opposite side of the tumbler in the outer layer of plastic.

colorful straw and red lid

The included plastic straw has the same colors as the rest of the tumbler. It protrudes from a translucent red lid.

Ear Headband – $39.99

Macarons ear headband

The ear headband is blue, pink, and yellow. The right ear is light blue with bright pink fluffy edges and loops of faux icing, making the ear look like a macaron. The other ear features the same bright pink accents against a darker pink plush ear.

Blue and pink macaron ear

The fabric of the ear is dusted with tiny sparkling dots.

Yellow bow on ears

The Minnie bow is made of a sparkling yellow-gold fabric. The same fabric covers the outside of the headband. A soft yellow velour fabric is on the inside.

Back of macarons ears

There is no faux icing on the backs of the ears.

Loungefly Backpack – $88

Front of Macaron Loungefly backpack

The Loungefly mini backpack is blue, pink, and white. The front pocket is shaped like a giant Mickey macaron. It’s made of matte blue and pink pleather with a line of sparkly “icing” across the top.

Macaron Loungefly backpack

Most of the bag has a blue and white tie-dye pattern with pink trim.

Bottom of macarons Loungefly

The flat bottom is matte pink.

Side of macarons Loungefly

Pink lines the two side slip pockets and the gold-tone zippers.

Back of macarons Loungefly

The handle and padded sections of the straps are blue. The adjustable sections of the straps, made of a seatbelt-like material, are bright pink.

Interior of macarons Loungefly

The interior lining is pink. It’s patterned with images of yellow, blue, and red Mickey-shaped macarons.

Zip-up Hoodie Spirit Jersey – $99.99

Back of macarons Spirit Jersey

The Spirit Jersey has the same blue and white tie-dye-like pattern as the backpack. While it has aspects of a traditional Spirit Jersey — like “Walt Disney World” across the back in colorful lettering — it’s a zip-up hoodie.

Macarons hoodie Spirit Jersey

The zipper is white plastic. There are two large pockets on the front.

Macarons on Spirit Jersey

Three Mickey-shaped macarons are on the right sleeve.

Walt Disney World logo with macarons

The Walt Disney World logo with two macarons and “Est. 1971” is on the left breast. All the details on the Spirit Jersey are made of a pop-up silicone material.

Stitch Attacks Snacks – Macarons

Stitch Plush – $34.99

Stitch plush with macaron

Stitch is also enjoying a Mickey-shaped macaron. The plush Stitch has his mouth wide open, ready to take a bite of the blue macaron he holds between his hands.

Macaron plush

The treat features pink icing and white sprinkles — all flat and printed on the fabric.

Back of Stitch plush

Stitch wears a red-pink button-up patterned with Mickey-shaped macarons.

Stitch's macaron button-up

These macarons are red, blue, purple, green, and orange.

Pin Set – $34.99

Stitch Attacks Snacks macaron pin set

There are three pins in the set, which come on a backing card resembling Stitch’s macaron button-up. One pin looks like a blue, pink, and white Mickey-shaped macaron. The other two pins are inspired by Angel and Stitch.

Macaron, Angel, and Stitch pins

Angel, wearing a shirt to match Stitch’s, holds blue and red macarons. Stitch is about to take a bite out of a yellow one.

Will you be taking home any of the Disney Eats and Stitch Attacks Snacks macaron merchandise? Let us know in the comments.

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