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New ‘Giddy Up Partner’ Toy Story Merchandise Collection Rides Into Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

A new collection of “Toy Story” merchandise has arrived at Disneyland Resort, featuring all your favorite toys.

Toy Story Merchandise

We found the “Giddy Up Partner” merch in World of Disney at Downtown Disney District.

‘Toy Story’ Blast Off Jersey – $64.99

Front of Toy Story jersey

This short-sleeved jersey is made of the same fabric as hockey jerseys. It has a v-neck with an orange stripe and a teal blue yoke. The ends of the sleeves are also teal blue with an orange stripe. The rest of the jersey is white.

"Blast off" on jersey

The front reads “Blast off.” A white rocket is pictured near the neck on the right shoulder. An alien is silhouetted in blue on the left.

Buzz Lightyear on jersey

The blue silhouette of Buzz Lightyear is flying in front of an orange cloud below the words. A yellow rocket and a yellow planet are around him. The cloud is the same style as those on the wall of Andy’s room.

Giddy Up Partner patch

All of these merchandise items feature this “Giddy Up Partner” logo. It’s on a patch on the sleeve of the jersey.

Back of Toy Story jersey

“Round Em Up” is on the back of the jersey in Western-style lettering.

"Round em up"

Orange semi-circle stripes are above “em” like a rainbow. The “u” of “Round” resembles a horseshoe.

Toy Story characters on jersey

Woody and Jessie are in yellow silhouette, Rex is in blue silhouette, and Forky, Ducky, and Bunny are in orange silhouette on the bottom of the back.

Youth Tee – $26.99

Youth Toy Story shirt

This youth shirt is heather gray. Jessie, Woody, Rex, Bo Peep, and Buzz Lightyear are pictured in full color in a square on the chest.

Toy Story characters on shirt

There are three thick horizontal stripes of yellow, blue, and green in the square.

Giddy Up Partner patch

The “Giddy Up Partner” patch is on the left bottom corner of the shirt.

Adult Tee – $34.99

Blue Toy Story "squad" shirt

The adult tee is bright blue. A rectangle in the center features the same characters as the youth tee, this time in vertical yellow and orange stripes.

Toy Story characters on "squad" tee

“Squad” is below the characters in an orange stripe.

Collapsible Container – $19.99

Orange lid of Toy Story container

The lid of this set is hard plastic. It’s orange with a similar design to the youth shirt in the center. Orange silhouettes to the sides depict a cactus, two clouds, a sheriff’s badge, a horseshoe, a rocket, a planet, and Woody’s belt buckle.

Sides of collapsible silicone container

The actual container is collapsible silicone. It’s solid blue, inside and out.

Inside of Toy Story container

It’s dishwasher safe.

Pouch – $24.99

Toy Story kids pouch

This pouch has Woody and Buzz on the front, against a green background. It reads “Dynamic Duo.” Around them are cacti and a yellow planet. A small pocket has an orange zipper and a red zipper pull.

Back of pouch bag

The other side of the bag is solid green with an orange “Toy Story” patch. It has red rings on the sides for a strap.

Side of pouch bag

The sides are blue with a dark blue handle. The main pocket also has an orange zipper and red zipper pull.

Backpack – $39.99

Toy Story AOP backpack

This larger bag is gray with an all-over print of “Toy Story” characters. These include Woody, Buzz, Rex, Forky, Jessie, Bo Peep, and green aliens.

Close up on Toy Story pattern

The main pocket has a gray zipper. Orange fabric is attached to the black zipper pull.

Small pocket with buckle

The front pocket has a solid gray flap with a “Toy Story” patch on it. It has a bright blue strap with a black buckle.

Inside of small pocket

The inside of the pocket is dark blue with a pattern of colorful space shapes. One of the shapes is a yellow circle with a blue star in the center — the iconic Pixar ball.

Inside of backpack

The same lining is used in the main pocket of the backpack.

Side mesh pocket

It has mesh pockets on the sides.

Back of gray backpack

The back of the backpack is solid gray padded mesh. The straps are also gray and padded. The adjustable bottoms of the straps are bright blue.

Bottle – $29.99

Toy Story aliens bottle

This blue bottle has a little green alien head on the lid.

Alien head on bottle lid

The sculpted head has three eyes, a single antenna, and a mouth open in an “Ooh.” The head sits on a purple piece inspired by the aliens’ spacesuit collars.

"Who will be chosen" on bottle

Images of the aliens, planets, and stars are on the blue bottle. There are also quotes like “Who will be chosen?”

Green alien and "eternally grateful" on bottle

“Eternally grateful” is near the bottom of the bottle.

green alien bottle

“Oooohh the Claw” is on the other side.

"Ooooh the claw" and green alien on bottle

The letters are outlined in blue and orange. The same colors make up the stars.

Green aliens on bottle

“Aliens” and the Pizza Planet wordmark are at the bottom.

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