PHOTOS: NEW Black Panther Gauntlet Arrives at Disney California Adventure

Brit Tuttle

A new Black Panther gauntlet has debuted at Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure, joining the ranks of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet and Iron Man’s Nano Gauntlet.

The exterior of Avengers Vault at Disney California Adventure.

The gauntlet is available for purchase at Avengers Vault in Avengers Campus, which opened in September 2023.

Black Panther Gauntlet with Stones – $100

The new Black Panther gauntlet sitting inside a display case.

The gauntlet is mostly black with silver accents, and is stylized to look like T’Challa’s gloves from his Black Panther suit. Each finger includes claw-like “nails;” the fingers are also articulated, just like the other gauntlet options available.

A reporter wearing the new Black Panther gauntlet.

The Black Panther gauntlet also includes all six Infinity Stones, though they weren’t all in their usual spots when we tried it on. They’re attached with small magnets on the underside of each stone, which click into place on the gauntlet.

The glove also has molded patterns throughout, similar to those on the Black Panther suit. It operates the same as the Nano Gauntlet and Infinity Gauntlet, with the ability to make sounds and vibrate when you add the stones and move the articulated fingers.

A reporter showing the underside of the new Black Panther gauntlet.

The inside of the gauntlet has triangular patterns and silver accents continuing on the wrist, with flat black pads on the palm. While T’Challa never wielded the Infinity Gauntlet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he did in the comics during 2015’s “Secret Wars” run, per Screenrant.

Will you be adding this gauntlet to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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