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PHOTOS: Planet Decorations Return to Astro Orbitor at Disneyland, Reopening Delayed Again

Shannen Ace

More planetary pieces of the Astro Orbitor are back on the attraction at Disneyland, which was dismantled for an extended refurbishment.

Astro Orbitor Refurbishment

astro orbitor column under construction

Last we checked on Astro Orbitor, the central column stopped after the silver and red planet in the middle of the tower. The very top of the tower and one of the larger planets are still missing, but most of the decorations have been re-installed. Several of the silver planets with gold rings and colorful moons are back.

astro orbitor column

Everything is looking particularly bright and shiny. Some of the paneling around the column has also been installed so the supports are mostly covered.

planet surrounded by scaffolding

One of the nearby planet decorations is still surrounded by scaffolding. Crews have been repainting the planet and its moons. Currently, the planet does not have its usual shiny finish but is instead a matte gray.

planet with paint in progress

Parts of the golden ring have also been repainted. Plastic taped around the central red ring keeps it protected from paint.

planet with plastic

Some of the moons that have already been repainted are wrapped in plastic, too, while the center of the piece is fixed up.

The attraction’s reopening has been moved again. Originally scheduled to reopen on March 8, the date was later shifted to March 15, and then March 22.

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