Onceler guest crashing Mardi Gras parade

VIDEO: Guest Dressed like the Once-ler Crashes Universal Mardi Gras Parade on St. Patrick’s Day

Shannen Ace

A guest dressed like the Once-ler from the animated film “The Lorax” crashed the Universal Studios Florida Mardi Gras parade on St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday, March 17.

Guest Tries to Join Mardi Gras Parade

TikTok user @dadgotparks shared a video of the incident. The guest is in a green tuxedo, white boots, and a green top hat similar to the Once-ler’s outfit from “The Lorax.” It’s unclear if they are purposefully dressed as the Once-ler or if they were just dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day and the resemblance is a coincidence.

Onceler guest crashing Mardi Gras parade

In the video, the guest is dancing in the street near Universal Orlando Resort performers as someone declares, “I don’t think he’s in the parade,” and, “Oh my god, that guy just snuck into the parade.” The guest continues dancing with the parade performers, re-creating some of their choreography. A parade technician or security officer dressed in black then approaches and tells him to leave the parade route. Raising his hands in surrender, the guest runs out of the parade and another guest ushers him into the crowd.

We don’t know if the guest was further confronted by security. It does not appear the parade or performers were affected.

Watch our video of the full 2024 Mardi Gras parade below.

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