BREAKING: Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Attraction Poster and More Critter Characters Revealed

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Tiana's Bayou Adventure attraction poster and Sebastián the Louisiana Black Bear trading card

BREAKING: Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Attraction Poster and More Critter Characters Revealed

Disney Parks Blog revealed more musical critter characters that will appear on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure as audio-animatronics and the Walt Disney World attraction poster.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Critters

The critters revealed last week will play Zydeco music, while this new band will play Rara. This musical tradition from Haiti is often found at festivals and street processions in New Orleans and includes unique instruments with distinctive sounds.

Octavia the Bobcat

Octavia the Bobcat – Octavia plays the vaksin, a single-note horn instrument popular in Rara music. She’s an adventurous bobcat kitten, and she loves climbing and hanging out in trees almost as much as she loves performing. This daredevil almost never gets scared.

Pawpaw the Bobcat

Pawpaw the Bobcat – Not only is Pawpaw Octavia’s devoted grandfather, but he also taught her how to play the vaksin! Pawpaw lives to make Octavia smile and has the view that everything has a way of working itself out – he’s seen it all but isn’t jaded.  

Claude the Louisiana Black Bear

Claude the Louisiana Black Bear – Claude is a salt of the earth kind of bear (or, as they say in the bayou, “salt of the mound”) who plays his horn along with the other members of his family. He’s a tinkerer who loves to create with things found in the forest, and is frequently funny without intending to be, especially when it comes to his home-grown creations. 

Bernadette the Louisiana Black Bear

Bernadette the Louisiana Black Bear – Bernadette loves to enjoy life, from splashing in the waters of her bayou home with her cub, Sebastián, to playing the horn with her mate, Claude. She’s a clear thinker and is warm and supportive. Bernadette loves to sink into the bayou waters and munch on plants (so long as Sebastián is clearly within sight). 

Sebastián the Louisiana Black Bear

Sebastián the Louisiana Black Bear – Though he’s definitely a “mama’s cub,” Sebastián charted his own musical course as a drummer, despite his parents being devoted horn players. He’s happy to follow his friend Octavia’s adventurous lead as they explore and play, and is fascinated with the small details in the bayou, like the insects and mushrooms. 

Phina the Gray Fox

Phina the Gray Fox – Phina’s enthusiasm extends beyond her drumming, as she’s constantly thinking of new ideas with optimism and energy! This imaginative fox is continually starting new projects with excitement, and her friends accept and celebrate her unique thinking. 

The file names for these images of the critters label them as “trading cards,” indicating real card versions may eventually be available.

Disney Parks Blog announced a final round of critters will be revealed next week.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Attraction Poster

Magic Kingdom Tiana's Bayou Adventure attraction poster

The attraction poster features Tiana in her new adventuring outfit with Tiana’s Palace, a mansion, and the Tiana’s Foods water tower behind her. The attraction’s salt dome façade is behind her. Some critters, fireflies, Louis, and Mama Odie are pictured in the yellow sky. “Frontierland” and “Walt Disney World” are at the bottom, indicating this is the Magic Kingdom version of the poster.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will open at Magic Kingdom this summer and at Disneyland later this year.

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