Plastic model of the white "Coco" guitar with shiny decorations

Coco Guitar Bucket Arrives at Disneyland Resort for Pixar Fest 2024

Shannen Ace

One of the special food and beverage souvenirs available during Pixar Fest 2024 is the Coco Guitar Bucket. This bucket resembles the film’s famous white guitar decorated with skull imagery.

The menu sign for the Coco Guitar Bucket at Pixar Fest.

The Coco Guitar Bucket is available at these locations:

  • Disneyland Park: Alien Pizza Planet, Popcorn near Central Plaza, Popcorn near City Hall, Popcorn near Fantasyland Theatre, Popcorn near Mark Twain Riverboat, Popcorn at small world Promenade, Popcorn near Star Trader, Outdoor Vending Carts 
  • Disney California Adventure: Popcorn near Carthay Circle Restaurant, Popcorn at Grizzly Peak Airfield, Popcorn at Pixar Pier, Select Outdoor Vending Carts

Coco Guitar Bucket – $26.75

Coco Guitar Bucket

The guitar is white with shiny silver filigree on the body. Brown-gold elements border the body and the sound hole.

Skull Headstock of Coco Guitar Bucket

The headstock is designed to look like a skull. The black tuning pegs are the eyes. Below them are rows of teeth, including one gold tooth.

Neck of Coco Guitar Bucket

The frets are golden, with shiny dots and a skull between them.

Frets and soundhole on Coco Guitar Bucket

Plastic strings run from the tuning pegs to the bridge on the body.

Bridge of Coco Guitar Bucket

A skull is among the filigree on the bottom of the body.

Base of Coco Guitar Bucket.

Gray stripes run around the edge.

Side of Coco Guitar Bucket

A white strap attaches at the bottom of the body and near the neck.

Back and popcorn opening of Coco Guitar Bucket

The bucket opens from the back, below the embossed “Coco” logo. Miguel is pictured on the door with “Remember Me” around him. Ernesto de la Cruz, Mama Imelda, Héctor, and Dante are in circles around Miguel. Marigolds are also pictured.

Coco Guitar Bucket open

The bucket includes regular popcorn. There is a limit of two per person, per transaction. Discounts do not apply.

Coco Guitar Bucket strap

The strap features marigolds, Pixar characters, and “Seize your moment.”

Coco Guitar Bucket

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