Disney Releases Vote Tallies for 2024 Board of Directors Election

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Collage of Nelson Peltz and Bob Iger

Disney Releases Vote Tallies for 2024 Board of Directors Election

The Walt Disney Company has released the vote tallies for the Board of Directors election, revealing the exact numbers in their victory against Nelson Peltz and Blackwells Capital.

Walt Disney Company Board of Directors

Disney Board of Directors

Disney shares the filing for the previously announced victory, detailing the votes for and against each of The Walt Disney Company’s current board members and the nominees from Trian Group and Blackwells Group.

Notably, CEO Bob Iger received 94 percent of the votes in his favor. The board member with the lowest number of votes for reelection was Maria Elena Lagomasino, one of the two members Trian Group was looking to remove and replace. Take a look at the complete list of votes below.

Disney Board of Directors votes tallies

Disney’s greatest adversary at the 2024 shareholders meeting, Nelson Peltz of Trian Group, ultimately received 31 percent of votes in his favor and James A. Rasulo received 12 percent. Each of the three nominees from Blackwells Group received 2 percent of votes.

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