Disneyland Firehouse

Disneyland Firehouse Reopens After Months Behind Construction Walls & Scrim

Shannen Ace

The Disneyland Firehouse has been behind construction walls and scaffolding since January with themed scrims up since February. Walls, scaffolding, and scrim are now gone from the fire department but remain up on City Hall.

Disneyland Firehouse

Disneyland Firehouse

The firehouse is a brick building with white and off-white trim and stone around the windows. “Disneyland Fire Dept.” is above the main entrance.

Disneyland Firehouse

The firehouse is known for housing Walt Disney’s apartment. The second-floor window features a lamp that is always illuminated, representing Walt’s continued presence in the park. The lamp was replaced in 2022. Guests can visit the apartment during the Walt’s Main Street Story tour.

A wide-angle view of the Disneyland Fire Dept. building.

There’s a red door on one side but guests can enter through the vehicle entrance, which has two doors propped open.

A look inside the building at the vintage firetruck.

The vintage firetruck is parked inside.

A photo of the vintage decor along the walls.

There are other retro props, including photographs.

A gold-tone fire pole descends from the ceiling.

A fire pole descends from the ceiling.

A furnace sitting in a corner next to a row of hanging black buckets.

A furnace is in the back corner next to a row of buckets.

A photo of the door labeled "Harness Room."

There’s a door labeled “Harness Room.”

Are you glad to see that scrim has come down from the firehouse at Disneyland Park? Let us know in the comments.

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