More New DVC Cabins Arrive at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

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DVC Cabin with green sheathing and tan paneling

More New DVC Cabins Arrive at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

As the opening date approaches, more of the new DVC cabins have arrived at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds. The 350 new cabins replace Fort Wilderness’ old log-style cabins.

DVC Cabins at Palmetto

Two cabins visible through the brush at Disney's Fort Wilderness.

There are two cabins visible off the Palmetto path, in loops 100 and 200. Though the original concept art for the cabins depicted them as green, the green on these cabins is from weather-proof sheathing and is not the final exterior paneling.

A view of the backside of a new cabin through the trees.

There is some light tan paneling at the back corners of this cabin. The same tan is around the bottom edge of the cabin and the edge of the roof.

Another angle of one of the new cabins.

Since our last construction update, this cabin gained new wood paneling around the large front windows. A short staircase leads up to the door. There’s an overhang over the entryway.

Cedar Circle & Shawnee Road

A yellow excavator parked between tall pine trees near a paved road, with other industrial equipment partially visible in the background.

There are many new cabins at Cedar Circle and Shawnee Road. From across the street, we spotted two construction vehicles in a clear site of the campgrounds.

Construction barriers and heavy machinery at a roadwork site in a wooded area, with trees on both sides of the street.

The construction sites are blocked with temporary fencing.

A park setting with dense trees and a wooden slide structure, featuring a grassy area and a visible playground under construction.

A lone staircase was awaiting its cabin.

A park with scattered trees and a grassy area beside a road with a yellow double line, and a glimpse of a red structure in the background.

In fact, we saw a few staircases standing by themselves.

Outdoor construction site with temporary fencing, portable toilets, and scattered building materials, surrounded by trees.

This loop was full of cabins. Several had tarps on top of them because their roofs were not completed.

Construction site with a green building covered by a black tarp, surrounded by metal barricades, orange cones, and portable toilets, located in a forest.

These cabins don’t yet have any of the wood paneling we saw on the Palmetto cabin.

Construction area with two green structures on lifts, one covered partially by a blue tarp, with heavy machinery and a tree-lined background.

They also don’t have any windows yet.

A rural roadside view showing a green cabin partially covered with blue tarps among densely packed pine trees.

There are large openings where the windows and doors will be.

A green cabin partially concealed by tall pine trees in a forest setting.

We can see inside this cabin. The interior isn’t finished, with steel frames outlining future walls.

A roadside view showing a pedestrian crossing, a bench, and lush green trees with a paved path and a train track beside a road.

The cabins continue in rows through the woods.

Road partially blocked with metal barricades near a crossing sign, with portable toilets and lush greenery.

The cabins at this loop weren’t covered in tarps and some of their side paneling had been installed.

A portable toilet and metal barricades at an entrance with green trees and a small building in the background.

Still, green sheathing is exposed on all the cabins.

A green building with yellow safety barriers in front, surrounded by trees and a "no trespassing" sign visible.

Openings in this cabin appear to be for electrical work.

View of a wooden structure among trees, visible from a shaded area, with a glimpse of a red-marked pavement in the foreground.

Compare the real cabins to the concept artwork below.

Concept art of the new DVC Cabins.

Reservations opened for the DVC cabins in March. They are scheduled to open on July 1.

Concept art of the exterior of a new DVC cabin at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort

A virtual tour gave us our first look at the completed interior of a cabin. They have a more modern feel than the old cabins.

Are you excited to stay in one of these new DVC cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds? Let us know in the comments.

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