More of DVC Tower Painted at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

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Open square in DVC tower

More of DVC Tower Painted at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Crews have painted most of the new Disney Vacation Club tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort as construction continues.

DVC Tower Construction

DVC tower under construction at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Since our last update, many of the balcony walls facing the lagoon have been painted dark brown. The base color is a lighter shade of orange-tan. The white sections on the right wing are primer for future color.

White primer on tower

Scaffolding covers the right wing (or north wing). We saw a few crew members on the first two floors when we passed by on a boat this week. The bottom floors of this wing have yet to be painted with color or primer.

Scaffolding around north wing

Metal overhangs line the top of the DVC tower. These will eventually be covered in paneling.

Center of DVC tower

The structures on the center of the building’s roof are also mostly unpainted. While most of the building is tan-orange with dark brown accents, the top two floors in the center are a light cream.

Center of DVC tower under construction

A boom lift reached into a large opening in the building.

Crew member in cherry picker

One crew member was in the lift, working on the ceiling of this area. Past the lift were unpainted concrete walls.

Crew member on tower wall

Another crew member was on a partially painted section of wall below the lift.

A wide shot of the windows on the tower.

The windows and sliding glass doors are mostly free of protective tarps, indicating painting around them is complete.

Tarp over a sliding glass door near the top of the building

We did see one paint-splattered tarp over a sliding glass door near the top of the building.

Crew working inside a large square opening

Other crew members were working inside a large square opening. There is a metal framework around this square that has yet to be covered.

A close-up of the crew members working inside the square opening

The walls inside are unpainted. The crew members were atop scaffolding filling the space.

Scaffolding out on the balconies between the center of the building and the south wing

More scaffolding is on the balconies running between the center of the building and the south wing.

A closer look at the scaffolding

These balconies and the surrounding walls are also unpainted. We previously saw doors installed on the balconies. They have temporary wood railings. Concept art indicates these will be covered in plants.

A view of the south wing, completely painted and covered in scaffolding.

The south wing is almost completely painted. Two columns of balcony walls are not dark brown yet.

A view of what will eventually be the pool area.

This wing faces the tower’s future pool, which is outlined in concrete.

A closer look at the empty pool.

We can clearly see the shallow and deeper ends of the pool. The land around it is flattened dirt with tubes sticking out.

A crew member working at the deep end of the pool.

One crew member was working at the deep end.

Other crew members working in another nearby structure.

More crew members were in a circle of wood that’s in the ground nearby.

A closer look at the crew members at work.

This may be for another water feature or water retention.

A closer look at a restaurant and bar structure, with crew members at work nearby.

A restaurant and bar are on the first floor near the pool. The bar is outlined in circles of concrete within a giant gazebo structure.

A look at crew members working in the area.

Some crew members were working in and around the dining venue. A digger was right outside, being used to move dirt.

More crew members working behind piles of dirt.

Crew members were behind the piles of dirt, doing work in the ground we couldn’t see.

More crew members working on concrete at the other side of the restaurant.

More crew members were working on the concrete at the other end of the restaurant. A future wall is outlined with wooden sticks in the ground.

Temporary fencing behind trees leading to the DVC tower.

From the Walt Disney World Monorail, we saw more temporary fencing running along the sidewalk that leads to the DVC tower.

Another angle of the temporary fencing.

Due to construction, guests cannot currently walk from the hotel to Magic Kingdom or vice versa.

a blank side of the tower, with no scaffolding present.

While scaffolding covers both wide sides of the south wing, it doesn’t wrap around the end, which is mostly orange-tan with a brown accent running next to a row of windows.

A view of a large staging area for construction materials.

A big opening on this end of the building is used for moving construction materials in and out.

Newly poured concrete for a sidewalk near the DVC tower.

It looks like this side of the wing is about as painted as the other side. In front of the wing, concrete has been poured for part of a sidewalk. Wood and rebar show where more of the pathway will be.

A concrete stripe present on a part of the building that has been painted a cream color.

A stripe of the building between the south wing and center of the building has not been painted. The rest of this section is a light cream color.

More of the center of the building, with portions unpainted.

Most of the center of the building on this side hasn’t been painted either. With no scaffolding up, it seems that step is still a ways off.

A boom lift stretched to the top of the building.

A boom lift reached all the way up to the top of the building and we saw some crew members on balconies.

In front of the tower’s entrance are four sets of three short concrete walls, likely for some kind of porte-cochère or courtyard.

Scaffolding covering one side of the North wing.

Scaffolding also covers this side of the north wing. This side of the wing is also mostly unpainted.

Two tunnels leading to the first floor of the building.

There are two tunnels through the scaffolding leading into the first floor of the building.

A view of the far end of the building.

The end of the building has been painted but is still surrounded by scaffolding.

The DVC tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is scheduled to open this year.

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