New “it’s a small world” Collection at Walt Disney World Includes Apparel, Game, and Throw

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it's a small world merchandise display

New “it’s a small world” Collection at Walt Disney World Includes Apparel, Game, and Throw

A new “it’s a small world” merchandise collection sailed into Walt Disney World Resort this month.

Fantasy Faire facade

We found the merch at Fantasy Faire in Magic Kingdom, near “it’s a small world.”

“it’s a small world” Merchandise Collection

it's a small world merchandise display

The collection includes the Spirit Jersey and Minnie ear headband we already shared.

Hoodie – $59.99

A heather gray zip-up hoodie hanging on a merchandise rack.

The hoodie is heather gray and zips up. It has two front pockets.

A close-up of "it's a small world" printed on the hoodie.

“it’s a small world” is in gold on the left breast.

A close-up of the "it's a small world" clock tag sewn to the front right pocket.

A gold tag on the right pocket features the attraction’s iconic smiling clock face.

A view of the back of the hoodie.

A larger design is on the back of the hoodie. The colorful Mary Blair-style artwork features characters and set pieces from the attraction.

A close-up of the art on the back of the hoodie.

A goat stands below a windmill, a doll wrapped in a coat fishes on a river, and another doll pops out of a tulip. There are mountains, buildings, and a sun in the background. Small flowers and other plants are depicted in the foreground.

Youth Ringer Tee – $26.99

it's a small world youth t-shirt

This shirt is white with a black neckline and black sleeve hems. A cowboy, goat, and fisher are pictured on the front.

"it's a small world repeat repeat" tee

Around the characters are the words:

“it’s a small world…” repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat

Ruffled Youth Tee – $26.99

"Hello world" tee with ruffled hem

This tee is also white. It has a ruffle along the bottom hem.

"Hello world" small world design

The design features elements of the “it’s a small world” façade. A goat and kangaroo are pictured on either side of “Hello world” in colorful lettering.

Game – $24.99

"it's a small world" game card set box

This set has 124 building cards, six topper pointed cards, and four topper round cards. The building cards feature colorful architecture while the topper cards are sparkly gold. You can use them to build your own version of “it’s a small world.”

small world game card set

Examples are shown on the box.

Throw – $44.99

folded "it's a small world" throw blanket

The throw blanket is mainly white. One side features an all-over pattern of “it’s a small world” iconography like flowers and suns.

small world throw design on tag

The other side features the same artwork from the back of the hoodie. It comes folded and wrapped in a teal blue ribbon.

back of folded blanket

It’s about 50 inches by 60 inches, or 127 centimeters by 152 centimeters.

Disney also has a new “it’s a small world” Pandora charm.

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