New Psychedelic ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Apparel Collection

Shannen Ace

A three-photo collage featuring items from the psychedelic Alice in Wonderland merchandise collection at Magic Kingdom.

New Psychedelic ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Apparel Collection

A psychedelic new “Alice in Wonderland” apparel collection has arrived at Walt Disney World Resort.

“Alice in Wonderland” Apparel Collection

"Alice in Wonderland" Apparel Collection at Magic Kingdom

We found the collection’s sweater, shorts, shirt, and bucket hat in Star Traders at Magic Kingdom.

Cheshire Cat Tee – $29.99

Cheshire Cat t-shirt hanging on a clothing rack

This boxy shirt is dark pink with the Cheshire Cat pictured on the front. He’s holding up his ears and eyebrows with his tail.

Shorts – $39.99

Colorful Alice in Wonderland shorts hanging on a clothing rack

The shorts are covered in brightly-colored wavy designs. Teal mushrooms, the Cheshire Cat, and “Alice in Wonderland” creatures are pictured throughout the pattern. The shorts have a stretchy elastic waistband.

Sweater – $69.99

Colorful Alice in Wonderland sweater hanging on a clothing rack

This sweater features Alice in Tulgey Wood. She’s pictured in teal with pink shading. The creatures around her have similar coloring. The trees behind her are dark blue and purple against a pink sky. There are other unique plants and clouds on the edges of the design.

Back of Alice in Wonderland sweater

The design continues on the back.

Reversible Bucket Hat – $34.99

Colorful Alice in Wonderland bucket hat being held by a reporter

The same pattern as the shorts is on one side of this reversible bucket hat. It’s teal blue, bright blue, pink, lime green, and purple.

Orange polka-dot Alice in Wonderland bucket hat being held by a reporter

The other side of the hat is orange with light cream polka-dots.

A close-up of Alice and butterfly on polka-dot bucket hat

Alice is printed on the front, looking at a bread and butter fly.

Dooney & Bourke also recently released an “Alice in Wonderland” collection.

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