New ‘Star Wars’ Crocs and Cardigan at Walt Disney World Resort

Shannen Ace

Star Wars Crocs and cardigan

New ‘Star Wars’ Crocs and Cardigan at Walt Disney World Resort

As we approach May the 4th, new “Star Wars” merchandise is arriving at Walt Disney World Resort. At Star Wars Galactic Outpost in Disney Springs, we found new “Star Wars” Crocs and a cardigan.

Star Wars Crocs – $64.99

A reporter's hand holding a pair of Star Wars Crocs

These black and white Crocs clogs represent both the Light Side and the Dark Side, with one clog dedicated to each.

A close-up of the right Star Wars Croc

The right one highlights the Dark Side, with fixed Jibbitz charms of the Galactic Empire symbol, the “Star Wars” logo, Darth Vader’s helmet, and two Imperial Stormtroopers having a chat.

A close-up of the left Star Wars Croc

The left clog features Jibbitz related to the Light Side, with crossed lightsabers, the Rebel Alliance Starbird symbol, and C-3PO and R2-D2 together.

A reporter's hand showing the back of the Star Wars Crocs

The heel strap and outside border are black. You can also find them online at the Disney Store.

Star Wars Cardigan – $64.99

Star Wars Cardigan hanging on a clothing rack.

This cream cardigan is understated, with small embroidered details. It has no buttons.

A close-up on the embroidery on Star Wars Cardigan

Running down the right side is black script embroidery that reads “May the force be with you,” surrounded by small stars.

Another close-up on the embroidery on Star Wars Cardigan

The Rebel Alliance Starbird symbol is embroidered on the bottom left side in black thread. We’ve seen loads of ‘Star Wars” merchandise at the Walt Disney World parks lately, including a line inspired by Tatooine and new build-your-own lightsaber parts.

What do you think of these two new “Star Wars” items? Will you be purchasing either one? Let us know in the comments below.

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