New ‘Up’ Merchandise Collection at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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"Up" merchandise

New ‘Up’ Merchandise Collection at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

A new collection of “Up” merchandise including apparel, pet items, and more is available at Walt Disney World.

“Up” Merchandise

"Up" merchandise on display in Island Mercantile

We found most of the collection in Island Mercantile at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

"Up" merchandise

The new collection joins a bunch of “Up” items that have come to the Disney Parks recently, including the Carl Loungefly mini backpack, the Russell nuiMOs at the Disney Store, and “Up” merchandise at Disneyland Resort.

Packable Blanket – $44.99

"Up" packable blanket

This packable picnic blanket includes straps with plastic buckles to secure it when rolled up. One side of the blanket has a brown, orange, and cream flannel pattern.

Close up of "Up" packable blanket

It features a large embroidered patch of the Wilderness Explorer logo — an orange circle with a green tree. A yellow “W” is on the tree and the trunk is the “E.” A green compass is on one side of the patch.

Close up of "Up" packable blanket

Russell is on the other side of the patch.

Back of "Up" packable blanket

The side of the blanket that isn’t visible features Russell and Dug with the words, “Adventure awaits, choose your path.”

Patch Set – $22.99

Up Wilderness Explorers patch set

There are five patches in this set. One is square and features Carl’s house floating over a mountain range, river, and tent. The other four patches are circular, resembling Wilderness Explorer patches.

Grape Soda Cup – $24.99

Purple cup

This plastic cup includes a lid and straw. The cup is translucent purple, with “Adventure is out there!” in white script.

"Adventure is out there" on cup

It is shaped like a mason jar with a handle on the side.

Balloons on purple cup with handle

A trio of balloons are also pictured on the cup.

Grape soda lid on purple cup with straw

The lid resembles the grape soda bottle cap Carl keeps as a memento of Ellie. The purple straw runs through the lid near the top of the grape soda design.

Inside of grape soda cup

The lid unscrews.

Purple straw and lid

The bottom of the straw is translucent and connects to a solid purple top. The cup is not dishwasher- or microwave-safe. It can also be found online at the Disney Store.

Pet Bottle – $29.99

Up pet bottle

This bottle makes it easier to give your pets water while out on adventures. The bottom twists off to fill with water. A twisting piece then releases water into the bowl end for the pet to drink from.

Russell and Dug on pet bottle

Russell and Dug are pictured on the bottle, pointing in different directions. It reads, “Adventure awaits, choose your path.”

Back of Wilderness Explorers pet bottle

It includes an orange wrist strap.

Wilderness Explorers logo on pet bottle

The Wilderness Explorers logo is on the back of the bottle.

Jersey Shirt – $64.99

Up short-sleeved jersey tee

This short-sleeved shirt is made of jersey material. It has a v-neck with dark blue and orange stripes. The yoke is orange while the rest of the torso and sleeves are off-white.

Russell and Dug on jersey tee

“Adventure awaits” and “Choose your path” are embroidered in yellow where the yoke and torso connect. Russell is pictured above the seam and Dug is below, both in green-blue.

Russell Wilderness Explorers tag on tee

A Wilderness Explorers tag in the bottom corner of the shirt features Russell in full color.

Back of Up jersey tee

“Ready for Adventure” is on the back of the shoulders in yellow lettering with embroidered borders.

"Ready for adventure" and Carl on back of jersey tee

Carl is pictured in green below, with plants growing around him.

Hoodie – $44.99

Blue Up Kevin hoodie

This hoodie is a pullover with no front pocket or drawstrings. It’s a dark heather blue with a teal green and bright blue design on the chest.

Kevin on hoodie chest

It reads, “The wilderness is kind of wild.” Kevin is pictured running through foliage, with mountains in the background.

Russell Wilderness Explorers patch on sleeve

A Wilderness Explorers patch on the sleeve is teal and dark blue. It features a picture of Russell. The back of the hoodie is blank.

Half-Zip Jacket – $64.99

Army green Up half-zip jacket

The half-zip jacket is army green with two cargo pockets on the front.

Half zipper on Up jacket

The Wilderness Explorers logo and a picture of Russell are in circles on the left breast. The zipper has an orange and dark blue-striped zipper pull.

Cargo pockets on Up jacket

One of the pockets features blue images of Carl and Dug. They have small tabs similar to the zipper pull.

Kevin silhouette on army green jacket sleeve

Kevin’s silhouette is a slightly faded dark stamp on the left sleeve.

Pet Jacket – $34.99

Blue Up pet jacket

Pets can also keep safe during adventures with one of these jackets. They come in various sizes for different pets.

Russell and Dug on pet jacket

The jacket is dark blue, with a small snap strap over a hole for a pet’s leash. Russell and Dug are pictured below the strap in yellow against an orange landscape.

"Official wilderness explorer" on pet jacket

Near the tail end is “Official Wilderness Explorer.” It has a pocket on the back with a flap opening and a black silicone hole to pull plastic bags from.

Bottom of pet jacket

It has elastic sleeves and a Velcro enclosure. The interior has a flannel pattern similar to the picnic blanket.

Water Bottle – $24.99

Hand holding a water bottle with "Official Wilderness Explorer" featuring Russell from "Up" using a compass, inside a store.

This yellow water bottle features art of Russell and Dug around the exterior. The Wilderness Explorer logo is present alongside the words, “Official Wilderness Explorer.”

A hand holding up a water bottle featuring Dug from "Up" for sale in a store.

The bottom of the water bottle is stainless steel.

Close-up of a portable water bottle with an orange lid and integrated green paracord handle.

The lid is orange and includes a flip-out straw. A woven carry band is attached with a buckle to the lid.

Corkcicle Bottle – $44.99

A reporter's hand holding an Up-themed Corkcicle bottle.

This bottle is a shiny, sparkly blue with a slight gradient design. Carl and Ellie are pictured together on one side.

A close-up of elderly Carl and Ellie on the Corkcicle bottle.

They’re elderly and wearing their zoo uniforms. Ellie is holding onto Carl, keeping him from floating away.

A close-up of a red heart-shaped balloon Carl is holding on the Corkcicle bottle.

Carl is holding a red heart-shaped balloon.

A reporter's hand holding an Up-themed Corkcicle bottle, showing the other side of the art.

Also featured on the bottle is Carl and Ellie’s house. Balloons flying from the house’s chimney form a colorful heart.

A reporter's hand holding an Up-themed Corkcicle bottle, showing the bottle's logo at the bottom.

The Corkcicle logo is in solid blue near the bottom of the bottle.

The bottle was in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom. It’s 16 ounces (475 milliliters).

Will you be picking up any of these “Up” items? Let us know in the comments below.

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