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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Take a Tour of Club Pixar for Pixar Fest 2024

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Ahead of the kick-off of Pixar Fest on April 26, we got a first look at the new party offering, Club Pixar, at Disney California Adventure.

Club Pixar entrance at night
Photo Credit: Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

Located at the Hollywood Backlot in Hollywood Land, Club Pixar is a day-to-night party that celebrates all things Pixar. During the day there are photo opportunities, games, face painting, and characters. By night, the area lights up with neon signs, a DJ dance party, live performances, games, food, and a Pixar Shorts drive-in.

Club Pixar will take place during the duration of Pixar Fest, from April 26 through August 4.

Club Pixar — Daytime

Club Pixar entrance sign

To the right side of the entrance to the Hollywood Backlot, guests will find the Club Pixar sign. Not illuminated during the day, the sign features Luxo Jr., the Pixar Ball, and “Toy Story” aliens.

Club Pixar "Inside Out" sign

One of the neon signs near the entrance features Joy from “Inside Out.”

Club Pixar "Coco" sign

On the opposite side, there is a neon sign with Dante and Miguel from “Coco.”

Club Pixar sign

There’s a Club Pixar sign to the right of the stage. During the nighttime party, a performer interacts with guests from the balcony.

"Wall-E" photo opportunity

One of the photo opportunities comes from “WALL-E” and depicts Wall-E’s fire extinguisher making a heart.

Buzz Lightyear photo opportunity

Another photo opportunity allows guests the chance to pose as though they’re equipped with Buzz Lightyear’s wings.

"The Incredibles" photo opportunity

This backdrop is themed to “The Incredibles” and has the look of comic book panels.

2024 Pixar Fest face painting area

A face painting booth is in place for guests visiting the area during the day.

The Shorts Stop Drive-In Theater

The Shorts Stop Drive-In Theater is set up outside of Stage 12. It has the feel of a retro drive-in theater.

The Shorts Stop Drive-In Theater sign

Pixar Shorts play on the screen, though this feature is only offered at night.

The Shorts Stop Drive-In Theater seating

The seating is designed to look like both rows of car seats, and the back half of cars. The license plates are themed to Pixar. This yellow car has a license plate that reads “PXR FAN.”

The Shorts Stop Drive-In Theater seating

This gray car’s license plate says “PXR FEST.”

Club Pixar signs

The games area features activities themed to different Pixar properties. Signage in the area indicates that the games area will be open daily from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Boundin' game

The carnival-style launch game highlights the Pixar Short, “Boundin’.”

Pixar Ball Toss

The Pixar Ball Toss game challenges guests to throw Pixar Balls into buckets with varying difficulty.

"Geri's Game" chess board

Naturally, the giant chess game is themed to the short, “Geri’s Game.”

"Lou" cornhole

The short “Lou” is represented with a game of cornhole.

'For the Birds" tic tac toe

Guests can play each other in a game of “For the Birds” tic tac toe.

Club Pixar — Nighttime

Club Pixar sign as the sun is setting.

Once the sun begins to set, the neon lights of Club Pixar are illuminated. This entrance sign features Luxo Jr. atop the Pixar Ball. The lights are in the iconic Pixar Ball colors. Beneath the main sign are three green aliens from the “Toy Story” films.

Club Pixar "Inside Out" sign as the sun is setting.

Joy is illuminated in her character-accurate colors.

Club Pixar "Coco" sign as the sun is setting

The same can be said for Dante and Miguel. Specifically, Dante is shown in colors that reference his alebrije form.

Club Pixar Wall-E photo opportunity at night

The photo opportunities are well-lit so that guests can get their pictures even when it’s dark.

Club Pixar lamppost

Lampposts in the area have fixtures designed in the likeness of Pixar Balls.

The Shorts Stop Drive-In Theater at night

Nighttime also sees Pixar Shorts playing at the drive-in. A massive Pixar Ball is projected onto Stage 12 above The Shorts Stop Drive-In Theater sign.

Club Pixar sign at night

The Club Pixar sign to the right of the stage is similar to the one at the entrance. However, this sign the addition of glowing memory orbs from “Inside Out” to its left. During the party, the DJ plays top 40 hits, and lights of the Pixar Ball are projected onto the floor.

Club Pixar stage at night

The Club Pixar stage is illuminated even when there is no performance going on.

Club Pixar stage at night

The scene on the stage changes throughout the evening. Here, you can see a projection of neon versions of the “Toy Story” green aliens.

Club Pixar Up performance

The live performance we experienced included a dance interpretation of the story of “Up,” set to instrumental versions of songs from the film.

Club Pixar Up performance

In the photo above, you can see the My Adventure Book, as featured in the film.

Club Pixar "Turning Red" performance
Photo Credit: Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

Another part of the performance is dedicated to “Turning Red” and the fictional boy band from the movie, 4*Town.

Club Pixar "Inside Out" performance
Photo Credit: Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

This number is a nod to the “Inside Out” character, Anger.

Club Pixar "Monsters University" performance
Photo Credit: Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

There is also a moment in the show for “Monsters University.”

You can watch our Instagram Reel of the party below:

A new parade featuring Pixar characters new and old also debuted ahead of Pixar Fest, titled “Better Together: A Pixar Pals Celebration!

What do you think of Club Pixar? Will you check it out during Pixar Fest? Let us know in the comments below.

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