Pixar Fest sculpture

Pixar Fest Sculpture Installed in Town Square at Disneyland

Shannen Ace

The previously-teased Pixar Fest sculpture has been installed in Town Square at Disneyland Park. Another sculpture is also in the works on the esplanade outside the park.

Pixar Fest Sculpture

A long shot of the Pixar Fest sculpture surrounded with temporary fencing in Disneyland Park.

The sculpture is currently surrounded by temporary fencing while installation is completed.

A view of the front of the sculpture.

It’s a golden arch with stained glass-like pieces in the Pixar colors: yellow, blue, and red. Part of the sculpture is still covered in a black tarp.

A closer look at the medallions for Dory and Nemo, Dug and Russell, and EVE and WALL-E on the sculpture.

Characters already revealed include Dory, Nemo, Eve, WALL-E, Russell, and Dug. More medallions and stars featuring characters will also be installed on this side.

A close-up of the medallion for Dug and Russell from "Up."

The same character artwork is used on other decorations throughout Disneyland Resort.

A close-up of the medallion for Dory and Nemo.
A close-up of the medallions for EVE and WALL-E.
A sign that reads "New plants will soon be installed to display fresh color" embedded in the mulch.

A sign in the mulch beneath the sculpture promises new plants will be installed soon “to display fresh color.”

A view of the sculpture from the opposite side.

The same characters are pictured on the other side of the sculpture. On the opposite side of the tarp is a large four-pointed star featuring Woody, Buzz, and Jessie from “Toy Story.”

A view of the opposite side of the sculpture from an angle.

There’s a yellow “2024 Pixar Fest” sign, too.

Pixar Ball Sculpture

A Pixar Ball sculpture behind construction walls in the Disneyland Resort Esplanade.

Meanwhile, outside the parks, blue construction walls surround a new sculpture featuring the blue, red, and yellow Pixar ball.

A closer look at the Pixar Ball sculpture.

The giant version of the ball is covered in a grid of white triangles reminiscent of Space Mountain or Spaceship Earth.

A closer look at the art on the construction wall, featuring green aliens.

The construction walls feature the “Toy Story” aliens. They look like they’re pushing the walls aside to peer out.

A close-up of the Pixar Fest logo on the construction walls.

The walls advertise Pixar Fest with the tagline “Celebrating friendship and beyond.”

Another angle of the Pixar Ball sculpture.

White poles curve over and around the Pixar ball, connecting at a central pole that stretches several feet above the ball. One curved pole has some painter’s tape hanging off it.

Another angle of the construction walls in the Esplanade.

Pixar Fest will run through August 4.

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