Crew Prepares to Install Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Sign at Magic Kingdom

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Crew members installing Tiana's Foods sign

Crew Prepares to Install Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Sign at Magic Kingdom

On Wednesday morning, construction crew members prepared to install a Tiana’s Bayou Adventure sign at the new Magic Kingdom attraction.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Sign

Crew members on barn scaffolding

On Tuesday, we noted that additional pieces of scaffolding were added in front of the yellow barn in the ride’s queue. The tower of scaffolding now reaches the top of the building. The next morning, crew members were on the highest platforms.

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We could see a covered sign waiting to be installed. It appears to be shaped like the Tiana’s Foods logo featured on posters for the fictional co-op. These posters (pictured below) are on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure construction walls.

Tiana's Foods posters on construction walls

The logo is circular, with a ribbon design across it reading “Tiana’s Foods.” A white lily flower is in the circle. The two stars above represent Evangeline and Ray the firefly.

A different, more rectangular Tiana’s Foods logo is on the water tower and other construction wall signs.

Crew members on Tiana's Bayou Adventure barn scaffolding

As of Tuesday, planks of wood were gone from the barn wall above where the sign is now being installed.

Crew member with level on sign

Crew members used a long level to ensure the sign was straight. We also heard crew members securing bolts inside the barn.

Crew members prepare sign

Stay tuned for photos of the sign after it’s been installed.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is scheduled to open this summer at Magic Kingdom and later in the year at Disneyland. Imagineers were the first to ride the new attraction during recent testing. Logs have also been tested with and without water dummies.

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