REVIEW: Orange Cream Milk Shake at Sunshine Seasons

Brit Tuttle

REVIEW: Orange Cream Milk Shake at Sunshine Seasons

A tangy Orange Cream Milk Shake has arrived for spring at Walt Disney World, and can be found at Sunshine Seasons in EPCOT.

The sign for Sunshine Seasons in The Land Pavilion at EPCOT.

Sunshine Seasons is found in The Land Pavilion, located in the World Nature neighborhood of EPCOT.

The menu board for the Orange Cream Milk Shake at Sunshine Seasons.

Orange Cream Milk Shake – $8.99

Orange vanilla shake topped with whipped buttercream, garnished with an orange macaron on a popsicle stick

A reporter's hand holding up the Orange Cream Milk Shake in front of the sign for Sunshine Seasons.

This tangy delight is the perfect Florida milk shake. It’s not overly tart like a traditional orange creamsicle, but we do think the vanilla may play a part in that. While you can definitely taste the orange notes, the overall flavor is more on the subtle side, and we think it’s perfect for a warm Florida day.

A reporter's hand holding the Orange Cream Milk Shake in front of The Land Pavilion at EPCOT.

There’s not much to the Orange Cream Milk Shake, but if you enjoy sweet, tangy oranges, you’ll likely enjoy this. The macaron was a tasty addition to the milk shake, as it offered more texture and a base taste reset for your next sip.

The Orange Cream Milk Shake sitting in front of a bed of flowers at EPCOT.

While our reviewer is not normally a fan of orange cream soda, they did really enjoy this milk shake. We found it tasted similar to the Florida smoothie offered at The Land Cart outside of The Land, but with the heaviness of a shake and a more artificial tartness.

We think we would choose the smoothie over the shake, only because of the difference in price and the lack of artificial flavor. While we did enjoy this treat, and would probably have it again, we wouldn’t go out of our way for it.

Rank out of 7: 4

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