VIDEO: Iker Casillas Mobbed During Disneyland Resort Visit, One Fan Tackled For Shoving Someone Into Trash Can

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Things got violent at Downtown Disney District this weekend during a visit from Iker Casillas, a world-renowned retired football (soccer) goalkeeper most known for playing with Real Madrid.

Iker Casillas Mobbed During Disneyland Visit


Iker Casillas was in Downtown Disney today for an ESPN event. As he exited, things ended up getting really chatotic. #ikercasillas #disneyland #downtowndisney #espn #soccer #dca #disney #disneyplus #disneycelebrities

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TikTok user @selenasphotopass shared a video of Casillas at Downtown Disney District, at the new stage area, for an ESPN event on Sunday, April 21. Selena wrote, “As [Casillas] exited, things ended up getting really chaotic.”

Selena’s video shows a mob around Casillas as Cast Members and security officers attempt to escort him and his group away. The Cast Members formed a circle around Casillas, holding each others’ arms to keep rabid fans at bay. Cast Members can be heard saying, “Keep walking!” Some fans yell for Casillas.

A two-photo collage of guests mobbing Casillas.

One particular fan wearing a yellow shirt for another footballer, Pedri, tries to push past Cast Members. A security officer pushes him back, yelling, “You’re gonna get kicked out!”

A man from Casillas’ entourage confronts and admonishes this fan then turns away to rejoin the group. The fan then slams the man from the back into a metal trashcan. The security officer who told the fan he would be kicked out, with help from another Cast Member, immediately tackles him out of sight. The man who was pushed appears uninjured and walks away.

Comments say the fan was kicked out and banned from Disneyland Resort but this hasn’t been officially confirmed.

Other recently-publicized Disney Parks incidents include a Disneyland guest suing for Goofy falling on her, a Walt Disney World guest suing for a ferryboat crash sending him into a trash can, and a teacher arrested for indecent exposure at Walt Disney World.

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