Display of Disney-themed merchandise including lime green sweatshirts with Mickey Mouse designs and matching backpacks, located in a retail store.

New ‘Disney Eats’ Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich Collection at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

The May “Disney Eats” collection features mint chocolate chip Mickey ice cream sandwiches. The new ear headband, Spirit Jersey, and Loungefly mini backpack are now available at Disneyland Resort. We found the ears at Oswald’s and the whole collection at Elias & Co.

Display of Disney-themed merchandise including lime green sweatshirts with Mickey Mouse designs and matching backpacks, located in a retail store.

The collection features a mint green and chocolate brown color scheme.

Disney Eats Ice Cream Ear Headband – $39.99

A close-up of a hand holding a pair of brown Mickey Mouse ear headbands. The ears feature a carved Mickey face design. There's foliage and a vintage car in the background.

The “ears” are a pair of Mickey ice cream sandwiches.

A keychain featuring a red, smiling Mickey Mouse head design is displayed outdoors near a vintage car and a building adorned with greenery and flowers.

Mickey’s facial details are on the fronts of the sandwiches.

Close-up of a metal silhouette of a cartoon character's face, with some parts missing, mounted on a vehicle. In the background, there are green trees, a building, and red flowers.

The right ear appears to have a bite taken out of it.

Close-up of the back of a wooden dinosaur toy near a vintage cream and brown car in an outdoor setting with greenery and a building in the background.

The insides of the sandwiches are mint green with brown dots representing chocolate chips. The ice cream appears to be melting down the sides of the headband.

A hand holding a Disney Zootopia-themed headband, featuring a colorful tag. In the background, there's a beige vintage car and some greenery.

The ends of the headband are brown and it’s lined with brown velour. A blue tag on one side features the Disney Eats logo.

A hand holds a headband with two ice cream sandwich-shaped Mickey Mouse ears attached. A tag with "Disneyland" is attached. A vintage car and theme park background are visible.

The backs of the ears feature dots but no other details.

Disney Eats Ice Cream Spirit Jersey – $79.99

Light green Disneyland Resort sweatshirt with brown dripping lettering and Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream sandwich print displayed on a rack in a store. Backpack with similar design visible in the background.

The Spirit Jersey is a light mint green. “Disneyland Resort” is across the back in brown.

A cream-colored long-sleeve shirt with "Disneyland Resort" printed on it in dripping green and brown letters, displayed on a rack in a store.

The letters of Disneyland resemble ice cream sandwiches. The green of the mint chocolate chip ice cream is brighter than the rest of the jersey.

A light-colored shirt with a graphic of a sandwich shaped like a mouse head, filled with green slime-like substance.

A large Mickey ice cream sandwich is also pictured on the back.

A light green long-sleeved shirt with a large "D" and "EST. 1955" on the front hangs on a rack in a store. Backpacks with a similar design are displayed next to the shirt.

The Disneyland “D” logo is on the front, also resembling an ice cream sandwich. “Est. 1955” is below it in brown.

Close-up of a light-colored fabric with the letter "D" in a stylized font and the text "EST. 1955" printed below it.

Disney Eats Ice Cream Loungefly Mini Backpack – $88

A small backpack with a large Mickey Mouse face design. The brand tags indicate it's a collaboration between Disney Parks and Loungefly. The background features a store display.

The backpack is the same light mint green color as the jersey. The front pocket is a large Mickey ice cream sandwich complete with the details of his face.

Close-up of a burger-shaped handbag with a cartoon face on the top bun, green lettuce, and a light beige-colored background featuring embossed designs.

The sides of the pocket are made of shiny bright mint green plastic.

A person holds a green backpack with brown straps featuring stitched character designs, in a store filled with various merchandise.

The bag’s straps are chocolate brown and bright green.

A close-up of a hand holding the side of a beige bag with brown leather straps. The surface features a repeating embossed pattern of bear faces and the text "Bear Special." A tag with instructions is attached.

The bag is patterned all over with a debossed design of Mickey ice cream sandwiches.

A small, green backpack with brown straps is displayed on a store shelf. The backpack features a green melting slime design and embossed patterns. Various toys and bags are seen in the background.

The hardware is goldtone. The main zipper is lined with brown pleather.

Close-up of a backpack featuring a brown and green design resembling melted chocolate. The backpack has gold zippers and a character face embossed on a lower pocket.

The side slip pockets are brown with stripes of green ice cream.

A hand holding open a zippered pouch revealing an interior with a green lining printed with a pattern of teddy bear faces on mint green sandwiches.

The interior lining is green with the same Mickey ice cream sandwich pattern as the exterior, just in full color.

This collection is also available at Walt Disney World.

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