First Look at Fantasy Springs Gift Shop at Tokyo DisneySea

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Interior of an elegantly decorated gift shop featuring intricate wall paintings, a central display table with merchandise, and an ornate chandelier.

First Look at Fantasy Springs Gift Shop at Tokyo DisneySea

When Fantasy Springs opens at Tokyo DisneySea this summer, so will the in-park Fantasy Springs Hotel. Guests looking to take home commemorative merchandise will find it all at Fantasy Springs Gifts, the gift shop inside the hotel and accessible from the park.

Fantasy Springs Gifts Cast Members

Two women in traditional asian-inspired attire waving in front of the "fantasy springs gifts" shop entrance at a theme park.

Cast Members wear berry red waistcoats with peplums and golden detailing over white shirts.

Two female Cast Members in the costumes for Fantasy Springs Gifts.

The women wear blue skirts and black shoes.

Fantasy Springs Gifts Exterior

Entrance of "fantasy springs gifts" shop with ornate art nouveau design and a sign above the doors, located in a theme park.

The gift shop’s exterior matches the rest of the hotel, with curving golden lines, light teal details, and stone walls.

Ornate sign reading "fantasy springs gifts" with floral and butterfly motifs, set against a light blue backdrop, above arched windows.

The sign is a darker blue with golden filigree, dragonflies, and pink flowers.

Exterior of the fantasy springs entrance at a theme park, featuring ornate golden and pastel designs with a welcoming sign.

A fleur-de-lys is on the stone ground in front of the shop.

Fantasy Springs Gifts Interior

A young couple browsing in a whimsical store decorated with floral motifs and elegant chandeliers.

The store has a rounded ceiling with large golden chandeliers. Guests entering are greeted by the Fantasy Springs book.

A large decorative book titled "fantasy springs" displayed among flowers and themed merchandise in an ornately designed store interior.

The large blue storybook features a blue bird and pink flowers on the cover.

Interior of an elegantly decorated gift shop featuring intricate wall paintings, a central display table with merchandise, and an ornate chandelier.

The store features a color scheme of gold, green, blue, and off-white. Gold and green vines are painted on the walls and ceilings.

A bronze statue of a rabbit clutching a heart, displayed indoors with soft lighting and a blurred background featuring warm tones and light reflections.

There are metal sculptures of woodland creatures on stanchions and railings.

Colorful ceramic teapots and cups with decorative cookies in a display setting.

The store features references to various Walt Disney Animation classics, including “Alice in Wonderland.” There are colorful teacups, a teapot, and a chest full of “Try me” treats.

A decorative shelf displaying a lantern, elephant figurines, ornate books, and a small golden tree sculpture against a dark wooden background.

Decorative books line the tops of display cases.

An ornate carriage-shaped decoration and gold-rimmed clock on a shelf with open illustrated books showing a castle.

An ornate statue of Cinderella’s coach sits next to a golden clock.

An ornate wooden shelf displaying a collection of decorative items including embroidered baskets, ornamental boxes, and glass jars, set against a floral wall tapestry.

There’s a statue of Snow White’s wishing well next to a box of gems and an apple under a glass cloche.

Elegant interior of a shop with ornate gold chandeliers, floral wall motifs, and a decorative mural above shelves displaying merchandise.
Decorative interior of a store with a large whimsical mural depicting a fantasy landscape, ornate floral chandelier, and merchandise displayed on elegant shelves.

On the back wall is a mural of Fantasy Springs featuring all three of its lands: Frozen Kingdom, Peter Pan’s Never Land, and Rapunzel’s Forest.

An ornate hotel reception area with a pastel-colored desk, decorative fresco, chandeliers, and an open doorway leading to another room.

Another mural behind the cash wrap depicts a waterfall in front of Eric’s castle from “The Little Mermaid.” Moana can be seen sailing past the island of Te Fiti in the background.

An ornate mural depicting a fantasy landscape with waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and blossoming trees, framed by decorative floral and vine elements.

The mural also features Bambi and Sorcerer Mickey.

Interior of a whimsically decorated store with pastel colors and ornate designs, featuring racks of merchandise and a large, uniquely shaped window.

There are touches of pink, matching the Fantasy Springs flower motif.

tdr tds fantasy springs gifts interior 18

Box columns feature storybook pages.

Elegant interior of a boutique with fairy tale-themed decor, featuring large storybook panels, chandeliers, and merchandise displays.

These, along with the murals, tell the story of the port’s magical spring.

Elegant store interior with a mural depicting a whimsical village, wooden shelves with pottery and assorted décor items, and cash registers on a marble countertop.

Other small murals reference various Disney Princess films like “Mulan,” “Aladdin,” “The Princess and the Frog,” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

A mural depicting a whimsical landscape with a castle, river, and various flowers, framed by wooden shelves with decorative items.

These are framed by golden vines.

Elegant retail store interior featuring fairy tale-themed murals, ornate chandeliers, and shelved merchandise.
tdr tds fantasy springs gifts interior 27

Of course, there are also references to the three main IPs of Fantasy Springs: “Frozen,” “Peter Pan,” and “Tangled.”

A display featuring a celtic shield, wooden bear sculptures, a quiver with arrows, and draped tartan fabric on a shelf.

One shelf is dedicated to “Brave”-inspired pieces.

A display shelf featuring a jeweled crown on a mannequin head, a starfish, a glass dome with figurines, and a box of antique keys.

Another features seashells from “The Little Mermaid.”

Elaborately designed objects displayed on a shelf: a golden genie lamp, a blue book with intricate patterns, and a toy tiger, with ornamental background.

The Magic Lamp from “Aladdin” is displayed on a magic carpet.

Elegant store interior with customers talking to a clerk, featuring opulent mural walls and a chandelier, and shelves with merchandise.

Fantasy Springs opens on June 6.

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