Full Tour of The Snuggly Duckling at Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea

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Guests enjoy meals at a wooden table in a themed restaurant with fairy tale murals on the wall.

Full Tour of The Snuggly Duckling at Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo Disney Resort has shared a full look at The Snuggly Duckling, the “Tangled”-themed restaurant in Rapunzel’s Forest at Fantasy Springs, which opens this summer.

The Snuggly Duckling Cast Members

Two theme park employees dressed in medieval-inspired costumes standing in front of the "snuggly duckling" tavern sign from the movie tangled.

The Snuggly Duckling Cast Members wear clothing inspired by the restaurant’s thugs.

Two people in costume smiling and posing in front of "the snuggly duckling" sign at a themed park.

They have leather belts and brown aprons with tall boots.

The Snuggly Duckling Exterior

A whimsical treehouse integrated into a large, gnarled tree with lush greenery under a partly cloudy sky.

A giant tree is growing over and into The Snuggly Duckling’s building.

Wooden sign of "the snuggly duckling" featuring a carved duck sleeping in a lantern, hung on a rustic timber frame.

It features cutesy duck imagery, just like in “Tangled.”

A whimsical weather vane featuring a figure riding a mythical creature atop a tiled roof, with trees and a cloudy sky in the background.

The weathervane on top is sculpted to look like Shorty, the small old thug who dresses like Cupid.

Whimsical wooden building designed to resemble a storybook cottage, labeled "the snuggly duckling," surrounded by lush greenery under a clear blue sky.

The restaurant features sloped rooftops with moss.

A medieval sword embedded in a wooden wall of a traditional thatched-roof house, showcasing intricate carvings on the wall.

The Snuggly Duckling menu features burgers, fries, the Caramel Duckling Muffin, and the Lemon & Strawberry Sweets Ever After dessert in a frying pan.

The Snuggly Duckling Interior

A rustic room designed as a medieval weapon check area with barrels, crates, and signs saying "place yer weapons here." chalk outlines mark the floor.

In the entryway, there are giant cartoon-ish weapons in barrels and crates, under a banner asking guests to “Place yer weapons here.”

Interior of a rustic tavern with wooden beams, hanging lanterns, and whimsical decorations including brooms and birdhouses.

The restaurant has wooden columns and detailing.

Interior of a rustic room with wooden beams, hanging lanterns, and framed tapestries on the walls, featuring a slanted wooden column and rope barrier.

Tree branches and roots poke through the walls, ceiling, and floor.

Wood-framed artwork depicting a stylized, twisted tree with a house entangled in its roots, set against a cream-colored wall.

There are sketches and wanted posters on the walls.

Rustic kitchen interior with cured meats hanging on wall hooks, bread, cheese, pottery, and a lantern on a wooden counter.
Cozy, rustic tavern interior with wooden tables and chairs, dim wall lanterns, and a bar area with bottles and books, featuring arched windows and historical documents on walls.
Four plaques with handwritten notes mounted on a yellow wall, each containing personal messages or poems.

Big Nose’s romantic poetry is pinned to the wall.

Wanted poster titled 'big nose' for stealing hearts on a stucco wall, illuminated by a warm overhead light.
Interior of a themed tavern with wooden tables, barrels, and a stage decorated with skulls and red curtains under warm lighting.

There’s a stage with Hook Hand’s piano.

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A note on the piano reads, “Hooks and hands off my piano.”

Interior view of a room with a medieval theme, featuring a spiked mace weapon mounted on a cracked wall between two hanging lanterns.
A vintage-style poster titled "hook hand" on a wall, advertising a "world tour" with the subtitle "sounding sharper than ever!.

A poster advertises Hook Hand’s “I’ve Got a Dream” world tour.

Interior of a cozy, rustic room featuring a wooden balcony adorned with chains, hanging lanterns, and decorative items like a red polka dot throw and a plush beige blanket.
Interior of a cozy, rustic-style restaurant with wooden tables and benches, decorative pottery, and old-fashioned wanted posters on the walls.

There are booths built into the walls, as well as tables and chairs in the center of the room.

Wooden carousel horse displayed between red curtains above a bar, with exposed wooden beams and a hanging lantern.

A puppet theater with Pascal and Maximus marionettes is in the rafters.

A framed picture of three cartoonish wooden puppets mounted on a wall in a warmly lit room with rustic decor.

There are also hand puppets inspired by Flynn and Rapunzel in a display case.

Wooden barrels and fabric sacks on a shelf, beneath a slanted wooden ceiling with a hanging lantern illuminating the area.

A Pinocchio marionette is hidden in one corner of the rafters.

A cozy room in an enchanted style, featuring a large bear-shaped chair made of straw, with colorful round rugs, warm lighting, and whimsical decorations.

A bear chair is next to the fireplace.

Two vintage-style posters on a textured wall; one labeled "wanted: bruiser-killer" and the other advertising a "criminal craft faire" at the slugger's delight pub.

Bruiser and Killer advertise their Criminal Craft Faire with this poster.

Interior of a cozy, rustic restaurant with wooden beams, lanterns, and traditional decorations on the walls.
Wall display featuring a wooden shelf with miniature unicorn figurines and adjacent vintage-style poster titled "unicorn roadshow," set against a textured yellow wall.

Vladamir’s collection of ceramic unicorns is also displayed next to a painting of some of the unicorns.

Poster on a yellow wall celebrating the wedding of "rapunzel & eugene" with a vintage-style illustration of a couple.

A flyer congratulates Rapunzel and Eugene on their wedding.

Paintings of a rearing white horse and a playful octopus on a warmly lit, textured wall, with part of a wooden chair visible.

There are paintings of Maximus and Pascal.

A colorful mural of a green chameleon holding a kite, depicted on a warm-hued wall with various whimsical patterns and symbols.

Rapunzel has also painted Pascal and lanterns directly on the ceiling.

Whimsical mural of musicians and dancers painted on the wall of a rustic room, featuring warm tones and intricate wooden beams.

A larger mural of Rapunzel and the thugs takes up this one.

Interior of a rustic-themed restaurant with wooden tables and chairs, a long bar, and a large mural overhead featuring a jovial beast character.
A vibrant mural of a girl dancing with a horse, under hanging lanterns from a wooden beam ceiling, with colorful patterns surrounding.

Rapunzel has also painted a picture of her, Maximus, and Pascal.

Interior of a rustic tavern with wooden beams and furniture, lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and a stone floor.
Interior of a rustic tavern with wooden benches and tables, hanging lanterns, and a warmly-lit, cozy ambiance.
Spacious wooden interior of a themed restaurant with high ceilings, rustic beams, and lantern lighting, featuring multiple counters and bar stools.
An empty rustic wooden dining hall with stone flooring, large wooden pillars, and hanging lanterns by the windows, overlooking greenery.

An outdoor seating area features the same furniture as the interior, as well as a counter overlooking the wooded area.

An empty rustic-style restaurant with wooden tables and chairs, stone walls, and lanterns hanging from wooden beams.

Fantasy Springs will open on June 6, 2024.

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