Gideon’s Bakehouse Responds to Claims of Poor Working Conditions

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Gideon’s Bakehouse Responds to Claims of Poor Working Conditions

Gideon’s Bakehouse has responded to claims of a dirty, dangerous, and toxic workplace at the Disney Springs store.

Gideon’s Bakehouse Response

Gideon’s posted the following to their Instagram story:

A statement addressing anonymous workplace mistreatment claims, discussing guidelines, support, accessibility compliance, and emphasizing fair treatment and respect within the organization.

Hi. I’m getting a lot of calls to answer the anonymous poster’s claims of workplace mistreatment. We will respond, but I am not anonymous and have guidelines I must understand. However, much of what is being represented is either misleading or false. I ask you not to run to the pitchforks and hear our side. I hope we’ve earned at least that much in our own community. I can eagerly go through the list of demands, from why I shake my cold brew flavors to our handicap/ADA compliance. Also, the flagship store offers a competitive take-home that is more than double what has been claimed, plus full benefits. In our nine years of business, we have never failed a health and safety report or had any major infractions, and our second location would not have been permitted to open without meeting all requirements and then some. Most importantly, I love my team. I hire everyone personally, and we discuss bringing emotional maturity and leaving out ego in the workplace with the need to look out for each other. Sometimes, people fall short and are let go, but you’ll notice many of the same faces have been with me for years. Gideon’s is a team of over 180 people, and no one can ever say that everyone is completely happy in a group that large, but I feel confident that everyone is treated with care and respect.

On Monday, Gideon’s employees calling themselves the Ghosts of Gideon’s spoke to WDWNT, posted on Instagram, and shared a letter of demands describing their difficult working conditions. Among their complaints, they noted they are paid $8.98/hour plus tips, but a recent policy change means they can no longer ask for tips or publicly display a tip jar. They also said that upper management uses discriminatory language and slurs, they are forced to work hours outdoors in the heat and inclement weather, complained of poor sanitation in the kitchen, and said there is no space for a wheelchair user to go behind the store’s counter.

Screenshot of an Instagram post from 'ghostsofgideons' detailing poor work conditions at Gideon’s Bakehouse in Disney Springs. The post describes the workplace as oppressive and calls for support and solidarity.

After sharing their story, the Ghosts posted another message stating, “It has gotten worse.”

The atmosphere inside the Bakehouse is now a police state. Upper Management is cornering us, interrogating anyone they feel might be related to this action, and retaliating by fasifying claims/infractions and firing anyone they feel might be involved.

The workforce as a whole is petrified. Ownership is on a warpath, speaking up jepordizes our livelihoods, & the ability to provide for our families. Coming to work is entering a nightmare.

They have made no attempt to resolve any of our complaints, nor offered any form of apology. Toxic leaders remain in charge. Manager Drew recently remarked “why is veryone acting so autistic”, belittling our neurodivergent Cast. Plus, a disproportionate number of LGBTQ+ staff are being targeted and terminated as a retalitory measure.

Snce making our first post, we have had fellow team members from East End & the warehouse locations step up with allegations of rampant sexual harrassment, victim blaming, and continued racist behavior. We stand with all of you. If you are a current or former employee with a story to share, please- send to our DMs. Your identity will be kept confidential.

We have completed our first round of media interviews, with coverage starting to appear. lease contine to allow your voices to be heard. Call your local Orlando media, tag influencers, share our posts. Together, they cannot ignore us all. We will not be bullied. We will not be silenced. Together we will win.

An Instagram post from ghostsofgideons, showing a paystub and allegations against ownership for lying about employee compensation and conditions. Includes hashtags #BoycottGideons.

Following the Instagram story from Gideon’s, the Ghosts wrote, “Ownership is lying to you. Ownership has recently released a statement dismissing our claims entirely. This is indicative of their narcissistic, gas lighting [sic] tactics where ‘it’s all in your head’. They have ignored our demands, our conditions have not improved.”

They shared a screenshot of a Disney Springs employee’s pay stub on Gusto showing their hourly wage of $8.98. They noted that during this pay period, tips amounted to over $200 more than the hourly wage paid by the company.

Do not believe anything ownership is sending you. They are attempting to control the narrative by deceiving you.

If they ‘cared’ about us, the toxic leaders would have been fired, our wage would not be dependent upon your tips, and the health/safety issues would be resolved.

Screenshot of a pay stub and a statement about earnings from Gusto, with a caption explaining that the pay dates have been updated and emphasizing the importance of redacting employee-identifying information.

They later reposted the paystub with the dates March 31 – April 13 visible. Other information is redacted to avoid identification of the specific employee who shared their pay stub.

As per Ownership’s statement this morning, they claim they pay more than double the $8.98, which, as you can see […] is a complete lie.

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