Grandma Groped Goofy – Character Allegedly Assaulted By Elderly Woman at Walt Disney World

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Grandma Groped Goofy – Character Allegedly Assaulted By Elderly Woman at Walt Disney World

Grandma groped Goofy. Those are the shocking allegations a cast member raised at EPCOT earlier this year, according to a recently released Orange County Sheriff’s report.

Cast Member Groped By Guest at Walt Disney World

Goofy greeting guests in World Celebration in EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort. He holds his right ear up in the air as he poses for a photo.

The situation happened on February 19. The sheriff’s office confirmed Thursday that nobody has been arrested.

The report is heavily redacted, but here’s what we know.

The 32-year-old male cast member who worked as a costumed character was taking a picture around 10:30 a.m. with a family of four.

Three of the family members posed on his right while the grandma stood on his left side and put her arm around him, the victim said.

“The grandmother then placed her right hand on his ‘butt’ and squeezed her hand three times,” the report said. “During the squeezing the grandmother said, ‘Woo hoo!’”

After the photo was taken, the victim stopped the meet-and-greet to alert his attendant he had been groped. A park leader was also notified behind the scenes.

“The grandmother stated with an attitude ‘What? I guess he doesn’t want us here,’” according to the report. “The family then walked off.”

The grandma, whose name was not identified in the report, was described as being in her 60s and wearing leggings with a black Minnie Mouse shirt that read “Nana Mouse.”

A Disney photographer witnessed what happened and gave a statement to police but it’s partially redacted.

According to the photographer, “Goofy stopped the interaction with the family and was asking them to leave,” the report said. The photographer overheard the conversation among the family afterward.

“What did you do?” the father asked the grandma.

‘I didn’t do anything,” the grandma said. “Goofy wants us to leave now.”

The victim told law enforcement the grandma squeezed his butt over his costume. He wanted to prosecute her for battery.

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time Disney guests have violated and mistreated cast members. Over the years, Disney World princesses, costumed characters, and other cast members have reported visitors grabbing them inappropriately.

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