New Chef Mickey’s Kitchen Towels and Activity Book at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Shannen Ace

Photo of two items: a blue kitchen towel and a blue notebook, both featuring Chef Mickey. The towel has small themed graphics, and the notebook has "Chef Mickey's" text and a pencil attached.

New Chef Mickey’s Kitchen Towels and Activity Book at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney’s Contemporary Resort has a new kitchen towel set and activity book inspired by Chef Mickey’s. This merchandise is available at Bayview Gifts.

Chef Mickey’s Towel Set – $24.99

A hand holds a folded blue kitchen towel with "Chef Mickey's" text and cartoon characters in chef outfits. The background shows a retail display with more towels and other items.

This set includes two towels. One is light blue with dark blue stripes on the end. It features images of Chef Mickey and his pals in colorful squares. “Chef Mickey’s” is in red letters against a dark blue starburst.

A person holds up a fabric featuring a print of various Mickey Mouse characters in different poses, some with the text "Chef Mickey's." Other similar fabric items are displayed nearby in a store.

The other towel is a light color. It has an all-over pattern of Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald. The pattern also includes the Chef Mickey’s wordmark in red.

These designs match Chef Mickey’s phone cases also available at Bayview Gifts.

Chef Mickey’s Activity Book – $14.99

A hand holds a blue "Chef Mickey's" notebook featuring a cartoon chef holding a spatula and fork, with a checkered background. The notebook includes colorful pencils attached to the front.

The activity book features Chef Mickey on the front. It’s patterned with images of breakfast food like pancakes and bacon. It includes a plastic bag of colorful crayons with Chef Mickey’s wrappers.

An open folder with drawings of a cartoon mouse chef. The left side has colored chef stickers, while the right side features an outlined drawing of the same character holding a spatula.

Inside the book is a pocket holding a sticker sheet and a pad of coloring pages.

A hand holds a book of Chef Mickey-themed stickers, featuring images of Mickey Mouse in a chef's hat, various foods, and culinary items on a blue and white background.

The sticker sheet includes food items and characters.

A person holding an open sketchbook with a drawing of Chef Mickey Mouse. The background includes brightly colored illustrations and merchandise related to Chef Mickey.

The coloring pages depict Chef Mickey and his friends in various poses.

A hand holds a blue item featuring a pattern of various foods and Mickey Mouse-themed designs. The price sticker reads $14.99.

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