New Donald Duck 90th Anniversary Disney Munchlings Plush & Popcorn Bucket Now Available at Walt Disney World

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Two side-by-side images of plush toys shaped like cartoon chickens in red and white striped containers. The left toy has a blue bow, while the right one features a red bow and matching strap, reminiscent of a munchling.

New Donald Duck 90th Anniversary Disney Munchlings Plush & Popcorn Bucket Now Available at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is celebrating Donald Duck’s 90th birthday with a new Disney Munchlings plush and popcorn bucket that depicts the #1 Duck as a delicious bucket of buttery popcorn.

Disney Munchlings Donald Duck 90th Anniversary Popcorn Plush – $34.99

A store display features shelves filled with plush toys resembling popcorn buckets, each with a stuffed animal inside, set against a background of various merchandise and a well-lit wooden interior.

We found the plush for sale in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

A plush toy shaped like a popcorn box features a white character with large brown eyes and a beak, topped with a blue hat, on display on a curved wooden shelf.

The plush sees Donald transformed into popcorn, seated inside a red-and-white-striped bucket. His body is white with yellow splotches to represent butter, and his signature blue sailor’s hat is made of an iridescent blue sparkly material.

Plush toy depicting a character with an embroidered letter "B" on a tree trunk and a blue, glittery treetop. The character has a white face, brown eyes, and a yellow beak.

A small brown ribbon hanging off of his hat has “D D 90” embroidered in blue and yellow.

Plush toy shaped like a popcorn character with a red bow tie and a bucket resembling a popcorn container, displayed on a wooden shelf.

The plush can be removed from his bucket, in case you’d rather cuddle the popcorn by itself.

A red and white striped plush with the words "Disney MUNCHLINGS" in blue text, resting on a wooden surface.

The bottom of the bucket features the Disney Munchlings logo printed in blue and white.

Disney Munchlings Donald Duck Popcorn Bucket – $20

People waiting in line at an outdoor ice cream stand beside a food truck on a sunny day.

We spotted this popcorn bucket at the Disney Springs West Side popcorn cart by Starbucks.

A round, cartoonish character's head with white frosting and a red bow sits atop a striped popcorn bucket with a branded lanyard, placed on an outdoor wooden table.

The bucket looks similar to the plush, with Donald as a helping of popcorn inside a red-and-white-striped bucket.

A cute cartoon chicken figurine with a red bow and a popcorn bucket with a red and white striped pattern are placed on a wooden table outdoors. A food truck and flowerbed are in the background.

The popcorn can be kept inside the Donald popcorn body, which is removable from the red bucket.

A hand holding a white pouch decorated with yellow spots and a blue lid resembling a character. A brown tag with a blue character is attached. Blurry outdoor background with flowers and umbrellas.

Just like the plush, a brown ribbon attached to Donald’s sailor hat reads, “D D 90.”

A hand holds an open, white container with blue and yellow accents. The background features a flower bed, outdoor seating, and food trucks.

The bucket opens at Donald’s sailor hat, revealing a popcorn compartment inside.

A person holds an empty red bucket with a patterned strap outdoors, with a food truck, trees, and a flower bed in the background.

The straps of the bucket are attached to the red-and-white-striped bucket.

A hand holds a red and white striped Disney Parks lanyard with popcorn bucket design details. A red container with a similar design is in the background on a wooden surface.

The strap is also red-and-white-striped, and has a repeating pattern of Disney Munchling Donald Duck popcorn buckets. The Disney Parks wordmark is in red and white.

A person holding a red container with the "Disney Munchlings" logo, wearing a white watch, outdoors near a green food truck and purple flowers.

The Disney Munchlings logo is also printed in blue and white on the bottom of the bucket.

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