New Gran Fiesta Tour Three Caballeros Merchandise Collection Arrives at EPCOT

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Collage of Disney merchandise: a hand holding a Three Caballeros tumbler, colorful Disney character shirts on display, and a striped robe hanging on a rack.

New Gran Fiesta Tour Three Caballeros Merchandise Collection Arrives at EPCOT

The Mexico Pavilion of EPCOT has a new merchandise collection inspired by the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros.

A display of various shirts and themed merchandise on shelves in a store.

The new apparel, tumbler, and throw blanket join a Loungefly mini backpack, ear headband, and plush.

Three Caballeros 24-Ounce Tumbler – $34.99

A hand holding a Three Caballeros themed travel cup, displayed on a store shelf among similar items.

The tumbler is clear with a red lid. It features the faces of the Three Caballeros wearing sombreros. Below them, “Mexico” is printed in stripes of green, white, and red inspired by the country’s flag.

A close-up of a plastic cup featuring illustrations of the Three Caballeros.

The Three Caballeros are Donald Duck, Panchito Pistoles, and José Carioca. Donald debuted in the 1934 Disney short “The Wise Little Hen.” José was introduced in “Saludos Amigos” in 1942.

Plastic drinking cup with a red lid, decorated with colorful cartoon illustrations of the Three Caballeros.

The trio was complete with the introduction of Panchito in “The Three Caballeros” in 1944. Gran Fiesta Tour is loosely inspired by the film, featuring elements like a flying carpet and the Aracuan Bird, which also appear on this merchandise.

Hand holding a transparent tervis tumbler with colorful flower designs, blurred store shelves in the background.

Behind the birds, the Mexican flag wraps around the cup. There are also black musical notes and flowers.

Throw Blanket – $44.99

A hand holding a folded blanket wrapped with a green ribbon, featuring colorful abstract and hand print designs, in a store setting.

The throw blanket is dark blue with white tassels. It’s 50 inches by 60 inches, or 127 centimeters by 152 centimeters.

Disney "saludos amigos" blanket label featuring animated characters watching fireworks.

The throw’s design features the Three Caballeros on their flying carpet. Red, white, and green fireworks go off behind them. There are white stars and musical notes in the sky. The Aracuan Bird flies in the corner. “¡Saludos Amigos!” is in large white lettering above “Mexico.”

Youth T-Shirt – $22.99

A grey t-shirt with colorful graphic prints of the Three Caballeros with the text "hakuna matata" displayed in a store.

The youth T-shirt is heather gray with “Mexico” repeated three times on the torso in red, blue, and orange lettering. “EPCOT World Showcase” is in white at the bottom.

Graphic t-shirt featuring the three caballeros with colorful musical notes and text, displayed in a store.

The faces of Donald, Panchito, and José are over the words. Music notes and confetti appear to fall around them.

Button-Up Shirt – $64.99

Colorful hawaiian shirt with cartoon-style animal designs hanging in a store with other merchandise in the background.

The button-up is short-sleeved with a collar. It’s off-white with an all-over pattern of the Three Caballeros’ faces, instruments, tropical plants, a flying carpet, and confetti.

T-Shirt – $30

A cream-colored t-shirt with "viva mexico" embroidered in colorful letters hanging on a display rack beside assorted decorated mouse ears.

This short-sleeved T-shirt is solid white.

White t-shirt with "viva mexico" printed in colorful, stylized letters, incorporating an outline of mexico and a sombrero graphic.

“¡Viva! Mexico” is on the left breast. The letters of “Viva” are colorful while “Mexico” is dark blue. The dotted outline of a pink flower is above “Mexico.”

The back of the Viva Mexico shirt, featuring illustrations of the Three Caballeros.

The Three Caballeros on their flying carpet is on the back of the shirt. “¡Saludos Amigos!” is above them. Colorful confetti, plants, music notes, and maracas are around them.

White t-shirt with colorful print featuring the Three Caballeros playing instruments and "saludos amigos" text.

Each Caballero plays a different colored string instrument. The underside of the flying carpet is striped in shades of blue while the top is green and orange.

Cropped Box T-Shirt – $30

A reporter's hang holding a light blue cropped T-shirt featuring art of the Three Caballeros.

The same image of the Three Caballeros and the flying carpet is on the front of this shirt. Behind them is the black outline of a temple. Silver fireworks go off above the temple.

A close-up of the art on the T-shirt, which includes the Three Caballeros on a flying carpet, the exterior of the Mexico Pavilion, and "Saludos Amigos."

The Aracacuan Bird is in the top right. There are black clouds and “¡Saludos Amigos!” at the bottom. The shirt itself is bright blue.

Baja Jacket – $59.99

A Baja hoodie hanging on a clothing rack.

This Baja-style pullover is striped tan, orange, brown, and blue. It has a large front pocket. It has a v-shaped neck.

A close-up of embroidery of the Three Caballeros on a Baja hoodie.

The faces of the Three Caballeros are embroidered on the left breast.

A close-up of an EPCOT bug tag on the Baja hoodie.

An orange tag on the pocket reads, “EPCOT World Showcase.”

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