New Little Green Men Plush Headband, Keychains, and Hair Clips at Tokyo Disney Resort

Shannen Ace

Three images show Toy Story-themed merchandise from Tokyo Disney Resort: a pack of three alien hair clips, alien keychains, and a green headband with three alien faces.

New Little Green Men Plush Headband, Keychains, and Hair Clips at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort has new accessories featuring the aliens from “Toy Story,” a.k.a. the Little Green Men or LGMs.

Little Green Men Plush Headband – ¥2,000

A hand holds a green headband featuring three plush, three-eyed alien faces. A tag with the same alien design is attached to the headband. The background consists of wooden panels.

There are three plush heads of Little Green Men atop this headband. They are off-center, lined up on the right side of the band, which is neon green to match their skin.

A person holds a headband with three plush green alien heads from Toy Story against a brown patterned background.

Each alien has three eyes and a wide mouth. Their round heads are turnip-shaped.

A person holding a green headband featuring three plush toys with alien faces against a tan wall background.

The alien on the end can be removed from the headband or secured with a Velcro patch. A green string keeps the plush dangling from the band.

Little Green Men Keychains – ¥2,100

A hand holding three green alien keychains from Tokyo Disney Resort against a background of shelves displaying various keychains.

There are three keychains in this set. Each has a silver keyring with a small charm showing a trio of aliens in a cup branded with the “Toy Story” logo. The larger charm is a silicone alien head.

A hand holds two yellow keychains designed like cartoonish, expressive faces. The keychains are attached to a blue tag labeled "Tokyo Disney Resort.

Each alien has a hole in the side of its head with a different colored interior to represent the various flavors of the treat available — brown, yellow, or pink.

Little Green Men Hair Clips – ¥1,500

A hand holds a pack of three green alien-shaped mini plush toys from Tokyo Disney Resort, displayed against a background of other souvenir items on shelves.

These hair clips each feature one plush alien head. The clips are wrapped in different colored felt — brown, pink, or yellow, like the keychains.

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