Close-up of a salvaged white stormtrooper helmet on a gray surface, with a blurred background.

New Salvaged Stormtrooper Helmet Bucket Available at Disneyland for Star Wars Day

Shannen Ace

The Salvaged Stormtrooper Helmet Bucket is now available at Disneyland Resort for May the 4th, a.k.a. Star Wars Day.

Salvaged Stormtrooper Helmet Bucket – $27

A person holds a salvaged stormtrooper helmet in front of a spacecraft backdrop at a themed entertainment venue.

The bucket is available at popcorn carts throughout Disneyland Resort. It includes popcorn at the time of purchase. There is a limit of two per person, per transaction, while supplies last.

A hand holding up a salvaged stormtrooper helmet, with a tie fighter and background structures that suggest a Star Wars-themed park area.

The popcorn bucket resembles a Stormtrooper helmet covered in patches of dirt and scratches, like it was recovered from a battlefield.

A hand holding up a weathered and dirty salvaged Stormtrooper helmet, resembling Mickey Mouse ears, set against an industrial backdrop.

Stormtrooper helmets are white with black accents.

A person holds a salvaged Stormtrooper helmet at an outdoor location, with industrial equipment in the background.

The top of the helmet is slightly flattened so it can sit on that end. The bottom of the helmet is what opens for popcorn storage.

A hand holding a spherical object resembling a planet in front of a star wars-themed backdrop with mechanical cranes and a salvaged Stormtrooper helmet.
A person holding up a salvaged, large, circular metal hatch cover with visible bolts and smudges, with industrial tanks in the background.

The bottom (or top, depending on how you look at it) is silver-gray. Half of it opens.

A person holding an open, worn-out white salvaged Stormtrooper helmet with rusty spots, with industrial machinery blurred in the background.
View through a pair of gray safety harness straps, focusing on a star wars-themed park area with a spacecraft and building facade featuring a salvaged Stormtrooper helmet bucket.

It includes an adjustable gray strap.

Close-up of a salvaged white stormtrooper helmet on a gray surface, with a blurred background.

Stay tuned for more coverage of May the 4th at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort. Check out the full list of special “Star Wars” menu items available at both resorts.

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