New Star Wars Day Merchandise Including Jar Jar Binks Hat, AT-AT Pandora Charm, & More

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A reusable cup with a straw on a blurred background, and graphics of a frog hat and three identical Star Wars Day figurines of a woman with a bun hairstyle.

New Star Wars Day Merchandise Including Jar Jar Binks Hat, AT-AT Pandora Charm, & More

There are dozens of new merchandise items dropping just in time to celebrate Star Wars Day, May the 4th, at the Disney Parks, Disney Store, and select retailers.

Star Wars Day Merchandise

Disney Parks

Two children in a spaceship-themed setting wear graphic t-shirts, with one child holding a themed drink cup prominently displayed.

The new merchandise spans Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, the Disney Store, and various retailers. Beginning in the Disney Parks, there will be a new 2024 Star Wars Day collection on May 4. Some items from this collection can already be found on

A man with dreadlocks in a black hoodie looking at the camera, a stylish watch visible; on the right, a phone case with a red and black spider design and a silver keychain with a robot motif.

If Darth Maul is your villain of choice, Citizen is offering a Darth Maul Mastermind watch. At Disneyland and Walt Disney World, you can find the above Darth Maul Otterbox iPhone case. Additionally, at Pandora locations around the parks and the Disney Store, there will be this new AT-AT charm.

Promotional image featuring a "star wars dark side" themed coffee collection from jogrey's, including themed packaging with darth vader and other characters.

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company is going to the dark side with three different dark roast blends.

Disney Store

A black textured tumbler with a red imperial emblem and a red straw, placed on a wooden table against a softly lit background.
A white textured tumbler with a blue straw, featuring a logo of a stylized flame, placed on a wooden counter with soft light bokeh in the background.

Moving on to the Disney Store-exclusive merchandise, Starbucks will release new tumblers and a mug on the Disney Store site for the occasion. The designs here are inspired by the Empire and the Rebellion, respectively.

A joyful child in a blue stitch hoodie holding a lightsaber, and two sets of children's clothing featuring colorful cartoon characters.

If you know a little one who loves “Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures,” you can head to the Disney Store for a Nubs hoodie, T-shirt, and sleep set.

C-3po extending a hand towards r2-d2 in a warmly lit indoor setting, suggesting interaction between the two famous star wars droids.

Starting May 4, guests can pick up a new C-3PO and R2-D2 Talking Action Figure Set from

Baseball cap designed to look like a cartoon frog, featuring large eyes, a patterned orange brim, and a tongue sticking out.

There’s nothing subtle about this Jar Jar Binks baseball cap, which will also be available on May 4.

Young woman in a star wars-themed dress holding a red lightsaber, with stormtroopers in the background on a stage.

The site will also feature this Star Wars Imperial Stormtroopers and Droids Dress. In the print, C-3PO and R2-D2 can be found hiding throughout the Stormtroopers.

Four plush toys, including a bb-8, a stormtrooper, kylo ren, and two characters from star wars, arranged on a table.

Finally, among the Disney Store offerings, there are five new “Star Wars” Wishables inspired by Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Outside Retailers

Plush toy resembling a bear dressed as darth vader from star wars, holding a red lightsaber.

Beginning the items from outside retailers is this Darth Vader hologram Teddy Bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop. He comes with a sparkly hologram paw pad.

Packaging for "star wars retro collection" action figures, featuring characters from "attack of the clones" and "revenge of the sith" against a space-themed backdrop.

Available for preorder beginning May 4, Hasbro will release new Black Series, Retro Collection, and Vintage Collection figures. This includes the above Retro Collection “Star Wars Episode II” and “Episode III” Multipack figures.

A collectible figure of emperor palpatine from star wars, dressed in a dark robe, standing against a black background.

A Black Series Darth Sidious figure will also be available.

A metal mechanical model resembling a dinosaur stands on a red shelf surrounded by various household items and books.

Now available to purchase from LEGO is this “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” Droideka building set.

Promotional image of a mace windu premium format figure from star wars, featuring the character in a dynamic pose with a lightsaber.

Sideshow will release a Mace Window Premium Format Figure. Preorder begins May 4.

Two scenes of young adults in styled outfits: one pair in urban attire with graphic tees, another in matching black starry outfits against a cosmic backdrop.

UNIQLO is celebrating Star Wars Day with a new Star Wars: Remastered T-shirt collection (left). RSVLTS gives their spin on “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” with their “We’ll Handle This” button-up (right).

Two pairs of round sunglasses with purple lenses and thin gold frames, artistically stacked on each other against a purple and black gradient background.

Eyewear brand, DIFF, is giving fans the chance to show their Mace Windu love with these frames inspired by his Lightsaber blade.

Three pairs of stylish glasses displayed on cylindrical pedestals, set against a futuristic, red-lit corridor backdrop.

Pair Eyewear has three Sith-inspired frames with nods to Darth Maul and stormtroopers.

Three images: frog-themed earrings on a rock, silver bow tie cufflinks on red fabric, black silicone ring with textured design.

The Jar Jar Binks merchandise continues with these Girl’s Crew earrings. RockLove is offering a TIE Fighter necklace, and Enso Rings has a new May the Force be with You ring.

A bottle of trumoo star wars blue milk beside a stormtrooper helmet, a star wars book, and a themed drinking glass on a desk.

When you can’t get to the Disney Parks to get your blue milk fix, you can head to the grocery store for this TruMoo blue milk. It has a different flavor than what you’d find in Batuu, as this one is vanilla-flavored.

Four views of a ceramic figurine depicting a woman with elaborate headgear, shown from front, slightly left, side, and back angles, isolated on a white background.

Tiki collectors can check out this Princess Leia Geeki Tikis mug. The 24-ounce mug is limited to just 500 pieces.

A bottle of star wars-themed truff hot sauce next to a pile of saucy chicken wings and celery sticks on a black background.

Finally, for the chefs who love “Star Wars,” there’s this Dark Side Hot Sauce from Truff, inspired by Darth Vader.

Which of the new Star Wars Day items is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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